HAXM installation error


I'm trying to install HAXM but I get this message every time

This computer meets the requirements for HAXM, but Inter Virtualization Technology (VT-X) is not turned on.

HAXM can not be installed until VT-x is enabled.


I enabled it in my laptop BIOS but still get the same message

is there any thing to enable or do with BIOS or windows?

I have HP EliteBook 6930p

ARM translator issue in Android-X86 platform

I am a developer who work at Android-X86 platform. Now, I want to make Android applications with ARM instruction native librarys could worked well on X86 chipset with Android-X86 platform. So, We need ARM translator to match this platform. As I even know, Android-X86 has supported Intel ARM translator with Android-X86 4.0 version. But I can not find that libraries at  BuilDroid Website. I attampted to install other ARM translator libraries comes from Android VM verdor. Such as GenyMotion. but it is not match  Android-X86 platform.

Игра Beatbuddy от инди-разработчика движется вперед с новыми технологиями


Каким образом небольшая компания-разработчик игр остается на гребне волны и расширяет свой рынок? Давайте взглянем на инди-разработчика, компанию Threaks, выигравшую множество наград и создавшую BeatBuddy. Беседа с CEO студии, Вольфом Лэнгом, раскроет секреты их непростого пути в мир разработки игр.

От студенческого до инди-проекта

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  • DirectX 12 技术白皮书

    DirectX 12 技术白皮书

    随着微软最新一代操作系统Windows 10的发布,其核心图形技术也升级到了最新的DirectX 12。为了帮助之前有DirectX经验的程序员尽快熟悉并上手使用DirectX 12来开发游戏,微软、英特尔和苏州蜗牛公司三方通力合作,结合了苏州蜗牛《九阳神功》PC DirectX 12版本的开发经验编写了此白皮书。希望给每一位热爱微软DirectX技术的开发者朋友带来最前沿的第一手资料。本白皮书由来自微软的资深图形专家、DirectX12项目经理 ―― 陆建业担任技术顾问,每个章节由三家公司的技术专家合作完成:






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  • Audio routing issue

    Hi Team, I integrated the TLV320AIC3111 codec with intel Z3745 baytrail SOC. Driver is integrated and everything is working fine.

    I have the pfw and xml file for routing, but there is not any alsa_amixer control for the right speaker, left speaker of my board are working but not right.

    even i am changing the value using alsa command only left speaker bits are updated not for the right speaker. I got the files: pfw, xml, and codec driver

    from intel SDK.

    Fast Blur - Native in Android App

    Hi, My name is David Coronel, I'm an android developer from Colombia and currently I'm developing an app which uses real time blur combined with a slide up panel so the blur can get above of an image and make it blurried behind, I've been able to accomplish this task by creating a RelativeLayout whit some render script, but it is higly memory-demandant and after some time using the app it gets laggy and finally gets killed by the OS becouse ended up with a very high memory heap

    Searching on the web for other methods to do fast blur I've found this great blog post

    HAXM Installer Fails (AVAST! Anti Virus)

    /**************** AVAST Anti-Virus IS THE CULPRIT ****************/

    If you are using Avast go to Settings -> Troubleshooting and [Disable] 'Enable hardware -assisted virtualization. 

    HAXM will install if you have no other issues....

    /**************** AVAST Anti-Virus IS THE CULPRIT ****************/


    I know  - everyone asks!  I am failing to install HAXM on my Dell Vostro 3700 running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

    Intel HAXM installer reports "...Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) is not turned on."

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