NDK 安卓* 应用移植方法


本指南用于帮助开发人员将现有的基于 ARM* 的 NDK 应用移植到 x86。 如果您已经拥有一个正常运行的应用,需要知道如何能够快速让 x86 设备在 Android* Market 中找到您的应用,本文将可以为您提供一些入门信息。 同时本指南还提供了一些技巧和指南,以帮助您解决在移植过程中可能会遇到的编译器问题。

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  • Разработка и портирование приложений Android* на основе NDK на архитектуру IA


    Эта статья представляет собой инструкцию базового уровня по созданию собственных приложений Android* (на базе NDK) для устройств с архитектурой Intel® (IA). Также мы рассмотрим вопрос портирования на платформу IA приложений Android NDK, созданных для устройств с другой архитектурой.

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  • Developing Enterprise Windows* Store Apps using RESTful Web Services

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    Download Developing Enterprise Windows* Store Apps using RESTful Web Services [PDF 596KB]


    This article discusses a way to create Enterprise Windows* Store apps that are connected to RESTful web services. It also includes a case study on implementing a network healthcare-themed application in C# that consumes a RESTful web service.

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  • Ultimate Coder Week 7: How to build the future... slowly

    This is my last Blog update for the Challenge and there are only a few days left before delivery. Since the last post, I have been to LA and then flown to Tokyo and tomorrow I'm moving on to Seoul. Life has been busy, but life should be busy. As a lone developer time management and being efficient is very important. Being able to whip up my Ultrabook anywhere in the world and get some work done no matter how short time you have is really essential.

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