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*** FIX *** HAXM 1.1.1 on Windows 7 64bit

For people having install issues with HAXM - specifically this issue:  "Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver".
I discovered that the issue is the digital signed catalog for the 64bit driver is named wrong in the install.
It is named IntelHaxm_x64.cat in the inf file for the driver: CatalogFile.ntamd64=IntelHaxm_x64.cat
but the file that is in the folder is named  intelhaxm_x86.cat - this is the name for the 32bit OS driver.

So this is what I did to fix it.

Driver problems whilst rooting a Dell Venue 8 (3840)

We have some Dell Venue 8's (3840 Merrifield, running 4.4.4) that we are doing a software project with that requires us to root the units, and I very carefully followed the steps provided in http://opensource.dell.com/releases/Venue_8_3840_Merrifield/developer-ed..., and used the drivers and packages that can be downloaded from the opensource.dell.com site, exactly per instructions.


HAXM install fails every suggested way - 577 error


I'm experiencing an issue installing Intel HAXM 1.1.1 on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit Hungarian. First: each suggested way to install HAXM fails. The normal, simply running the installer gives the message: "Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver".

Installing via the hax_extract.cmd gives the 0x424 error as seen below. Driver seems to be installed, but service cannot be started:

Overclocking and undervolting of Intel Z2560 in Android

Dear friends,

I am trying to overclock and undervolt the Intel Z2560 used in Zenfone5 smartphone. Can you help me find the relevant code to do it. Where is the dvfs code available for it?. Is it even possible to overclock and under volt this processor.

Please help

Warm regards

Xt890 medfield

Hello I have a problem and so searched all over the internet , not the solution have a motorola xt890 with intel chipset , it happens that the appliance after an automatic update made ​​by him to be turned off and on again , it does not start Android and not even in fastboot mode, have sought various solutions and came to the conclusion that not a way to rewrite the abarelho boot sector that would allow entry into fastboot mode and thus make the device recovery! I wonder is there any way to save the Xt890 motorola that only displays the message "code corrupt system required" Forgive me for my English google translate! I'm from Brazil .

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