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MediaSamples_Linux_6.0 generated failed

Hi, I tried to generated MediaSamples with MediaServerStudioEssentials2015R6. following



Error details:


[ samples]# perl --cmake=intel64,make,debug --build --clean


Support of image rotation during screen capture


I am using screen capture module along with sample_encode module to capture my desktop image and encode it into h264 format. I am running this application on a Windows8 desktop machine and on a windows8 Microsoft surface device and it works fine.  Now I want to add the support of screen rotation feature for Microsoft Surface device.

MFXVideoENCODE_Query() always returns MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED


I need a help with MFXVideoENCODE_Query() from Intel Media SDK. I wrote code posted below and unfortunately it doesn't work. MFXVideoENCODE_Query() always returns error MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED. I played with parameters, but each time failed.

At the same time, I'm able to encode video with these parameters using HW HEVC encoder on my Skylake. So, only MFXVideoENCODE_Query() doesn't work correctly for me.

I tried do the same for AVC codec and also tried to call MFXVideoENCODE_Query() after MFXVideoUSER_Load(), but in both cases I constantly get the same error.

Media SDK in GVT-D or GVT-G


I would like to try to use the Intel Media SDK in a GVT-D or GVT-G configuration under Xen or KVM (Esxi seems not good at any of the two technology).

The problem is: which Chipset and CPU supports GVT-*

Intel is not clear regarding the support. Reading around it seems you need a Xeon with Iris PRO. Iris and HD are not enough. Nor a Core i7 with Iris Pro.

Is there a particular place where you can check for it?

question about simple_decode

hi Intel-giant,

OS: Ubuntu 12.04



Platform:  i5-4570S

     I got the same messages as below in the local machine. Please help to clarify. Thanks

     I have referred to

simple_decode Error! Device operation failure. src/simple_decode.cpp 197

Hi, I tried to run few simple code on Linux CentOS 7, using MediaServerStudioEssentials2015R6. installed following
and try running one example applications in
but emerge some problems~

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