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Intel® Advisor 2015 Beta Tutorials: Linux* OS

Discover how to find where to add parallelism to a serial application using the Intel® Advisor and the nqueens_Advisor C++ sample application.

This short tutorial demonstrates an end-to-end workflow you can ultimately apply to your own applications:

  1. Survey the target to locate the loops and functions where the target spends the most time.

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  • large scale MPI error: HYDT_bscu_wait_for_completion

    I am running a job on a 4,000-node cluster with Infiniband. For small scale like 8 to 64 node, command mpirun works well; and for medium sclale like 256 to 512 node, mpiexec.hydra has to be used; but when it goes up to 1024 node, I got errors, see attached. My job script is like this:

    module load intel-compilers/12.1.0
    module load intelmpi/
    #mpirun -np 64 -perhost 1 -hostfile $PBS_NODEFILE ./paraEllip3d input.txt
    mpiexec.hydra -np 1000 -perhost 1 -hostfile $PBS_NODEFILE ./paraEllip3d input.txt

    The errors from 1024 nodes are:

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    Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector for Linux*

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  • Intel® MPI Library 4.1 Update 3 Build 049 Readme

    The Intel® MPI Library for Linux* and Windows* is a high-performance interconnect-independent multi-fabric library implementation of the industry-standard Message Passing Interface, v2.2 (MPI-2.2) specification. This package is for MPI users who develop on and build for IA-32 and Intel® 64 architectures on Linux* and Windows*, as well as customers running on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor on Linux*. You must have a valid license to download, install and use this product.

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  • sshconnectivity



    I connected coprocessor like

           # ssh mic0

    it didn't need a password before.

    but after I run this command below ssh asked password.

             # ./sshconnectivity.exp machines.LINUX


    What should I do for recovery like before.

    I just run sshconnectivity.exp

    Please help,

    shm:dapl mode crashes when using MLNX OFED 2.1-1.0.0


    Simple mpi-helloworld mpi program crashes when using shm:dapl mode and MLNX OFED 2.1-1.0.0 IB stack. shm:ofa works fine. shm:dapl mode used to work fine with MLNX OFED 1.5.3 but latest el6.5 kernel requires 2.1-1.0.0 version.


    I_MPI_FABRICS=shm:dapl srun -pdebug -n2 -N2 ~/mpi/intelhellog

    How communication between ranks works?

    Example of hipo cluster : 

    "Node 1" -> 4 cores so [0,4[ rank

    "Node 2" -> 4 cores so [4,8[ rank

    So rank = 0 would be first core in Node 1

    In a situation like Core #5 wants to send a message to Core #6

    which are both in "Node 2"

    What happens?

    I hope Core 5 doesn't sends its message to Rank #0 in "Node 1" that sends it back to Core #6.

    So how does it works?

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