Designing Apps for Intel® RealSense™ Technology

When users first launch an application, the navigation design should be so intuitive that they start exploring the app’s features right away. Chronosapien Interactive used Intel® RealSense™ technology to create "Space Between" which adds hand and face tracking to extend beyond standard input modalities.
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  • Orlando Game Jam Featuring Intel® RealSense™ Technology

    For the past ten years, the Science Center in my home town of Orlando has hosted a gaming event called Otronicon which brings together all forms of interactive media developed in the greater Central Florida area. It has become a place for local developers and enthusiasts alike to congregate and show off new ideas as well as get inspired by the technology and applications that are being worked on. For the first time last year the event hosted a game jam, focusing on making a game for the then fresh tech, the Oculus Rift.

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