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IDF2013 - Arrived in San Francisco!

Just a quick note to say that I arrived this morning in San Francisco to participate in IDF 2013! I find it all very exciting... I am speaking on the tomorrow afternoon on Intel Platform technologies and the cloud, going to use as an example of how anyone can leverage Intel technologies to make cloud services better. Information about my session:

4th Generation Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Tablet Overview

Introducing the next generation Intel® Atom™ Processor (Code named “Bay Trail”)



Intel has launched its latest Intel® Atom™ processor, code named “Bay Trail”. It is the first Intel Atom processor based on 22-nm technology. This article discusses the key features of the platform like extended battery life, Intel® Gen7 graphics architecture, advanced imaging and video, improved performance, security, and more.

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  • Ultrabook™ and Tablet Windows* 8 Sensors Development Guide

    This guide provides developers with an overview of the Windows 8* sensors application programming interfaces (APIs) for Desktop and Metro style applications with a specific focus on the various sensor capabilities available in Windows 8 Desktop mode.
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