Intel® Cilk™ Plus

Cilk Plus for GCC 4.8

Binary versions of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) C and C++ 4.8 compilers with the cilkplus extension are now available from . The binaries support the x86-32 and x86-64 architectures on Ubuntu* Linux*. The source for these compilers is available at  .

Announcement: Version 1.2 of the Cilk Plus Language Specification released

We are pleased to announce an update to the Intel® Cilk™ Plus Language Specification.  This document describes the syntax and semantics of the Cilk™ Plus language constructs that were added to the C and C++ programming languages.  This version of the specification was relseased in September, 2013 and supersedes the 1.1 version of the same specification released in July, 2011.  This version adds no new features to the language extensions described in the V1.1 specification, but contains numerous corrections and clarifications.  A few obsolete constructs were removed.

Cilkpub: a library of community-contributed Cilk Plus code

We are pleased to announce that Cilkpub, a library of community-contributed Cilk Plus code, is now available for download.

Cilkpub is intended to be a public library of code contributed and maintained by the members of the Cilk Plus community. Version 1.02 has been posted to the community website and contains the following modules:

Intel Cilk Plus SDK - Cilkscreen and Cilkview for Intel Cilk Plus

The Intel Cilk Plus SDK (Software Development Kit) is now available as a WhatIf kit. It supplies the Cilkscreen race detection and Cilkview scalability tools for Intel Cilk Plus developers working on the Microsoft Windows* and Linux* operating systems.

More information can be found at the Intel Cilk Plus Download page. Support for the Intel Cilk Plus SDK will be provided through the Intel Cilk Plus forum.

changes in CEAN implications re vectorization in next release?

I note that is open for submissions for the first time in months, so I submitted a ticket.  It still looks like setting up premier for beta 16 has not been completed, as the form requires choosing compiler version 15.0 or earlier from the pull-down.

I'm curious whether Cilk(tm) Plus is under deprecation, in view of the comments at IDF last year that Intel would not sponsor publications on it, and the lack of follow-through to make gcc -fcilkplus viable.

As to changes in behavior in the beta test:

Using Cilk reducer inside Cilker shared function

Hi I am trying to offload some parallel work to MIC using _Cilk_Shared and _Cilk_offload. 

I declare a Cilk shared function:

_Cilk_shared void somefun(int count)


In main I call this function using 

_Cilk_offload somefun(12) ;

inside this function everything is expected to be offloaded to MIC;

I want to declare a Cilk reducer inside somefun, so I can then use cilk_for and append to a cilk reducer list, 

but I get error:

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