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Support for array in icpc 12.1.5


I am trying to compile a simple C++ 0x program using the icpc 12.1.5 Intel compiler as:

icpc -std=c++0x

where, :

// array::at


int main ()


  unsigned int i;

  std::array myarray;
  // assign some values:

  for (i=0; i<10; i++) = i+1;
  // print content

  std::cout << "myarray contains:";

  for (i=0; i<10; i++)

    std::cout << " " <<;
  std::cout << std::endl;
  return 0;

but Iam getting:

Envioronment vaiables for cilk plus

I installed cilk plus successfully on my system ( Ubuntu 12.04 ). It works fine. Now I need to install it in redhat 6 and most of the steps as it seems are OS independent but I am stuck in teh environment variables part of installation.

The tutorails I reffered is

multiple cilk-for in a c function

it is clear how to use cilkview in a c function. One just places cilkview.h in the include file secton, put __cilk_data_t start in the file defintion section of the c function. Finallly, puting __cilkview_query(strat); in the line above the cilk_for loop and at the end put __cilkview_report(&start,NULL,"title",CV_REPORT_WRITE_TO_RESULTS); at the bottom ogf the file.

NowI attempting to speed up only with cilk_for's, andI have set up each function as I have shown above.

error accessing file pointer in a multi-threaded program

What I want to ask is part of some big code but I will try to make it as short as possible. I will first explain the relevant code snippets from my code first and then the error I am getting.

From main.c inside main function:

cilk_for ( line_count = 0; line_count != no_of_lines ; ++line_count )
//some stuff here
for ( j=line_count+1; j {
//some stuff here
final_result[line_count][j] = bf_dup_eleminate ( table_bloom[line_count], file_names[j], j );
//some stuff here
//some stuff here

cilkview questions

Can one use cilkview on just part of a program to see if the parallelization on that sectionwas worth it in terms of speedup?

I assume that one can use cikview on the whole program to see if there is any speedup (or predicted speed up) from changing the program from c to cilk?

Thanks in advance.


Cannot vectorize array notations

Hi all,I have vectorization problems and I really need your help.Here are the vectorization reports for each array notation in the code bellow: -Array Notation(1) : Vectorized -Array Notation(2) : Subscript too complex -Array Notation(3) : Existence of vector dependence -Array Notation(4) : Subscript too complex -Array Notatino(5) : Subscript too complex -Array Notation(6) : Existence of vector dependenceI tried using "restrict" on the pointers(i.e.

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