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Support for Fedora 19


The recent Parallel Studio XE 2013 SP1 points to support for Fedora 16. We are looking into installing it on Fedora 19 to make use of the Kernel version 3.10.x The code will need to eventually be transferred to Tyzen but this would be a good cross match between the development OS and the actual OS. Does anyone have any information as to when we can see support for Fedora 19? Or maybe Fedora 18?

Intel.SoftwareManager package doesn't load correctly; MSVC 2010


We're running devenv.exe from within cygwin, and get the following message when starting Visual Studio 2010:

"The 'Intel.SoftwareManager.IsmPkg,Intel.SoftwareManager,Version=' package did not load correctly." The rest of the dialog suggests examining ActivityLog.xml.

The error from ActivityLog.xml reads:

Performance issue of parallelization. Parallel Studio 2013

I use Windows 7, Parallel Studio 2013 with VS 2012, Fortran 90.
If I run my code in the mode without parallelization, Windows shows 25% CPU usage of  i7-2620M  (2 cores, 4 threads) that is resonable.  
In the parallel mode Windows shows 100% CPU usage that is also resonable.

The question is why the real computations  slows about twice?






can't uninstall xe_2013

The last two versions of parallel studio were crashing my linux machines in the middle of the install process.  I thought I would uninstall all of the old versions and try a fresh install, but 4 of the currently installed products advisor_xe_2013, inspcetor_xe_2013, vtune_amplifier_xe_2013 and parallel_studio_xe_2013 won't uninstall.  The uninstall script gives me the message: "the package does not support the platform it is being run on.  Please check to be sure the correct architecture of package has been downloaded."  Would it be sufficient for me to erase the 25 intel rpm packages I sti

Can we use VS2012 to target both v100 (VS2010) and Intel C++ Composer XE

Dear all,

I am working on a large project (C#,C++/CLI,and native C++) where the target platform toolset for C++/CLI and C++ is v100 (Visual Studio 2010).

For convenience, I use the VS2012 IDE. Everything was working fine up until I tried to compile some native C++ projects with Intel Composer XE 13.0.

Why when use "omp parallel for schedule(auto)" to different calculation result with environment is 32bit

Hi all,

I have a problem when apply parallel (using omp parallel for schedule(atuo)), please help me reslove it.

The problem is explained as below:

1. Setup environment

- Win XP 32 bit

- Visual Studio 2008

- Intel Parallel Studio 2011

2. Scenario

- Configure Floating Point Model: Stric (/fp:strick)

- Source code apply parallel

"SP1" name is misleading

SP1 contains a significant number of breaking changes. It is much more like a new version than a service pack. I would expect bug fixes and non-breaking enhancements to be in a service pack.

  • The "upgrade" to TBB 4.2 causes me compiler errors
  • The "upgrade" to IPP 8.0 contains a new library file layout, forcing me to rewrite my build scripts
  • An entire compiler suite (MSVC 2008) was deprecated
  • The software update manager was installed automatically

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