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Problems using Cilk and TBB in same function

Hello all,

My code uses Cilk & TBB in the same recursive functions, so that I can test them both with maximal code-sharing.
But when I use the TBB version with more than 3 threads, I get a crash at runtime with this error:
"Too many threads attempting to use Cilk".

This happens with the latest TBB release (TBB 3.0 Update 2 commercial-aligned release), as well as the one included with Parallel Studio XE.

Using Parallel Studio from Eclipse on Windows?

Hello all,

I notice that the linux version supports Eclipse IDE integration.

Will anything similar be available for Windows?

We use Eclipse for development, since we're building a cross-platform product. I would guess others do something similar?

Currently I am using the tools (Inspector, Composer) from the command-line, and just using Visual Studio to see the results.
Obviously some things are a bit more difficult to use from the command-line - suppression in Inspector for example. Also GAP in the Composer.

Daniel Faken

Qlong-double option no longer supported in Composer 2011 Beta (Update 1)

Our app is currently under Intel C++ compiler 11.1.065 where the /Qlong-double option for extended floating-point precision is supported.

I would like to test it underthe Intel Parallel Studio 2011 Beta but It seems thatthis switch has beenremoved/deprecated from theComposer(Update 1). I cannot find any reference to this option in the Documentation. It is notlisted asremoved noras deprecated.

Is there any alternative to this option?


Operation of new XE Inspector 2011 when memory resources are low

I have an intermittent issue that occurs when running the mentioned tools.

Myapplication runs fine with any of the IDE package, however randomly looks like the new XE Inspector 2011 Beta acts as it is hunging.

The application has been extensively optimized and tested with the Current Parallel Studio tools (not Beta) and it had to issuesreported

Missing Application Exception Details

Running the new XE inspector 2011 Beta

At some point the Collector Message pane area says:

Warning: Application had an exception that was logged on

My question is: Where ?
I do not seem to find anything that applies to what is described

The Application Output pane of the IDE is of no help either.
The same is true for the Ouput pane window of VS2005 that I am using

Unknown option: GLOB_product_id_code


I compiled my program as follows:

yuantang@Octave:~/Git/Intel/ET_icc$ icc -o ./tb_et -O3 ./tb_et.cpp
Unknown option: GLOB_product_id_code
compilation aborted for ./tb_et.cpp (code 1)

The icc (version 12, beta) can definitely compile other simple program on my desktop, so the installation
should have no problem. So anybody has any idea what might be wrong?

Amplifier XE does not start anymore


after a restart, Amplifier XE 2011 does not start anymore (Win 7, 64 Bit). The initial logo screen appears and then I get an icon in the taskbar. But when I click on it, no window appears.
Inspector standalone and Amplifier VS plugin still work (but the latter is so slow that it is not usable).

Could someone help me here?

Thanks and best regards,

Slow post-processing with Parallel Amplifier XE beta on Linux

The post-processing after a sampling run of Parallel Amplifier XE beta is an order of magnitude slower on Linux than on Windows. It takes several minutes to process the data that has been collected in a few seconds. Only one core is active during that time.

Kind regards

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