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Product activation using license server broken for some Software Development Products

Product activation with a license server is not working for some software development products.  This problem only occurs for floating licenses.

Affected Products:
Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013 SP1 Update 1 for Linux* and Windows*
Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013 Update 13 and 14 for Linux* and Windows*
Intel® Inspector XE 2013 Update 8 for Linux* and Windows*

License information not updated after renewal

Products: Intel® Software Development Products

Problem: After renewal of an Intel® Software Development Product license you may see that the support expiration date hasn't been updated in the Intel® Regsitration Center > 'Subscription History' or the license file you received from the registration center.
This is a temporary problem with the webinterface of the registration center only which will be fixed. The actual license data is correct.


Do Not post Serial Numbers, License files or License file names in any public forum post

Serial Number / License file can be used to install the corresponding Intel products. Posting the Serial Number or License File to a public forum, poses the threat of serial number being used by someone other than you. License File names also includes serial number in them. So, for your protection, please do not post your Serial Numbers, License files, License file names in any public forum.

Not receiving the license file upon request by email

I am following the instructions from:

and trying to get the license file sent to my email address. However, I get the helpful message:

"Error: Operation complete successful"

which is confusing. The license file is never sent. Could you please help me to understand why this is? I am trying to install the Parallel Studio XE 2016 Beta.

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