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non-allocated array for optional argument with cheks turned on

Dear all,

I think, the ifort compiler 16.0.0 and also previous ones behave strange, when turning on pointer checking ("-check pointers") and passing an unallocated array as actual argument to an optional array dummy argument in a subroutine. The code below compiles and runs fine without the "-check pointers" option, but triggers a false error during run-time when the option is turned on during the compilation.


Compability issues with F66

Hello, I'm trying to compile some sources coded that come from Unisys basic mode with F66 compatibility. I have create the makefile with the flags -f66 -nowarn, but I got a lot of syntax issues related to types, initialization, use of pseudo-functions,...etc. Maybe the reason of that is because I'm not using the right flags, so please could anyone give me any advise or help me with it?

Thanks in advance!



error #8178: The procedure pointer and the procedure target must have matching arguments.

I have some Fortran source that uses procedure pointers.  This code has compiled fine from Intel Fortran version 2013 through 2015.  However, it now generates what I consider an incorrect error in Intel Fortran 2016 for Linux and OS X (as recent as ifort (IFORT) 16.0.1 20151020 on OS X).  I have attached a simple example that will generate the error.

ICE for elemental procedure called using a allocatable array of deferred-length character

The following code generate an ICE.

It seems to be connected to the used of a allocatable array of deferred-length character as an actual argument to an elemental procedure.

I'm not sure if this is valid nor supported. The error occurs with ifort version 16.0.0, while everything goes smoothly with ifort version 15.0.0

How to inspect which flags are used

I am working on a Makefile where I am trying to find which flags to use. The current list of flags is (for some historical reason):

-r8 -fpe0 -g -debug all -traceback -fp-model source -warn all -warn unused -check all,noarg_temp_created

From searching, I believe this may be reduced to

-r8 -fpe0 -g -traceback -fp-model source -warn all -check all,noarg_temp_created

However, I was thinking that there might be an option that would list the options that were passed to `ifort`.

Hidden character length

Does the size of the hidden parameter (which is passed by value) containing the length of a string argument change with architecture?  It appears to be 4 bytes on 32-bit, but I'm having a difficult time deciphering the generated assembler to determine if it is 4 or 8 bytes on an x86_64 compilation.  The documentation that I've found is a little unclear on this.  I'm having bizarre program behavior which leads me to believe I have stack corruption.  The program is unfortunately crashing both valgrind and Intel Inspector.

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