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Complex logarithm

Hello all,

according to the "Intel Fortran Libraries Reference", the natural logarithm of a complex number should give complex values x+i*y with -pi < y <= pi. But:

write(*,*) log((-1d0,0d0)),log(-(1d0,0d0))

yields the following output


Bad results from assignment to allocatable array (with realloc_lhs)

I've attached a small example that clearly demonstrates that bad results are obtained from assignment to an (unallocated) allocatable array.  I am using the required realloc_lhs switch.  The problem exists with both Intel 14.0.3 and 15.0.2.   A key ingredient to the problem seems to be that the rhs of the assignment is an elemental type bound function referenced through a derived type array.

Intel 14 and 15 compiler bug

I've attached a very small example that exposes a bug in 14.0.3 and 15.0.2.  In the example, a module declares a derived type and a F2003 structure constructor for it.  In a later procedure the module is USEd and the type referenced, but the compiler complains incorrectly that the type is not known.  The error goes away if the structure constructor is not defined.

Getter functions for arrays


I wonder if there exists an easy way to implement a getter function for an array valued attribute?

For instance, one has a derived item, for example the extensions of a process grid (pgrid). As this item can be retrieved lets say from an mpi subroutine using a given communcator, it would be cleaner not to store this informations redundantly:

ifort creates empty ~/intel/ism/rm

Whenever I run ifort it creates an empty directory tree "~/intel/ism/rm". I found forum thread from a year ago where Steve Lionel claims this should not happen and that the developers have been notified. However, this still happens today in the newest versions.

Is there any way to prevent this?

compilation with mpiifort - error not found MPI_CHAR type


I try to install a code on a HPC under Linux.

My command line is :

mpiifort -I./INC/ -I$HOME/MARSLIB/usr/mpi/include/ -module $HOME/MARS/COMPILE_MARS/WTEST-BIDON/OBJETS/ -O2 -i4 -r8 -ftz -fpe0 -fp-model precise -traceback -fno-alias -fno-fnalias    -c ./smallf90/toolmpi.f90

and I have this message :

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