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Possible compiler bug?

I'm seeing some weird behavior on certain Linux systems for code that works fine on Windows (and also on other Linux systems). The example code is attached (reproducer.f90).  It has a class that contains a function pointer that is being associated to a subroutine that is contained within another subroutine.  My understanding is that this is valid?

My system is: HP DL360 G6, Intel(R) Xeon(R) X5570, CentOS 6.  I'm using Intel 16.0.1 20151021.

Compile with: ifort -g -traceback reproducer.f90 -o reproducer

Intel ifort always updates the timestamp of .mod files?

Apologies in advance for the repetitive nature of this question (see "compilation cascade"), but I could not find a definitive answer for my specific use case (linux, using gmake).

It seems that, unlike gfortran, ifort always updates the file timestamp of generated .mod files, even if the contents of the module have not changed. This makes it difficult to write makefiles that are both correct and that do minimal work.  I don't see any compiler options that would control this behavior. Is my understanding of this matter correct?

Why not static linking libiomp5?


I'm preparing a dynamic library that I will send to some collaborators. It is loaded and used in Python. 

The library uses OpenMP for parallel computing, thus depends on libiomp5. As the collaborators don't have Intel compiler, I need to ask them to install the redistributable libraries. This makes things more complicated that just sending a .so file.

ifort 16.0.1 error on mac



I've just installed Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran OS X* 2016 Update 1. I cannot get ifort run. Whichever .f90 file I run from the OS X command window, I get the following error:

ifort test.f90

ifort: error #10106: Fatal error in gcc, terminated by segmentation violation

ifort: error #10106: Fatal error in gcc, terminated by segmentation violation


There is no problem with my file as other fortran compilers (e.g gfortran) compile with no error. 


Download and install ifort for ubuntu 14.04


I need to install ifort non-commercial version on my 64 bit system with OS ubuntu 14.04. From the intel website i have the non-commercial tool but it doest not support Ubuntu.

Can anyone please tell me from where i can download and install ifort for UBUNTU 14.04 version

Thank you



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