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Error While running VASP with Intel ifort, mkl and mpif90 (openmpi)

I did installed VASP executable successfully, only I changed FC=mpif90 (openmpi compiled using Intel compiler) whatever you mentioned in the following link

But I got the following error while running,

mpirun -np 4 /opt/VASP/vasp.5.3/vasp

this gives the error as follows, 

Compiler automatically set not declared variables to zero


I am developing an already existing code. When by mistake I insert a not declared variable in the code, for example because of a typo, the compiler don't give me back an error but define this variable by itself and set it to zero. In this way it takes a lot of time to find bugs.

How can I avoid it?

I'm compiling with:

ifort -O3 -axCORE-AVX2 -xSSE4.2 -ipo code.f -o code.exe -extend-source -r8 -lmpi -vec-report2



INT gives me incorrect value


I have this code:

program th
  implicit none

  integer N1
  integer maxi,ei,Nc,ns,na
  real CH1,CH2

  read(1,*) ns                      !!!
  read(1,*) ei                         !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  read(1,*) maxi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
  read(1,*) N1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  CH1 = 0.07
  CH2 = -0.35

  Na = INT(abs(2.*((N1/2)*CH1 + (N1/2)*CH2)))
  write(*,*) Na,abs(2.*((real(N1)/2.)*CH1 + (real(N1)/2.)*CH2));stop
end program  th

and the input file is

linking failure with c++ libraries

I'm trying to add some new functions from a c++ library to one of my existing fortran projects. The library compiles and builds fine, but when I go to link I get errors that I don't understand where they come from and am hoping someone else does.  Maybe there is some additional system library that I have to add to the linker commands that isn't automatic?  Library is built using icc.   So why does it think all the std::string functions are undefined as shown in the attached picture.


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