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Create a LIB File from Intel IPP


I'm using Visual Studio 2013 and the Intel IPP 8.2.

I have some Auxiliary Functions I build upon Intel IPP for image manipulation in C++ style by overloading some operators and defining function which are composition of many Intel IPP functions.

Now, I want to build a library of that functions I created and I want this library to be "Self Defined".
Namely, on my future projects I want to link to that library (And only that) and be able to use my functions (Which relies on Intel IPP).
Basically, it is something like the question here:

IPP zlib slower than opensource zlib when used by HBase

Hi everyone,

Recently I tried to replace the stock zlib with IPP zlib 7.0.6 on 64-bit Linux in order to boost the performance of a project using HBase 0.99.2. However I observed slowdown in compression performance by about 30%. I measure the time that "deflate" function takes (inside Hadoop native library), and indeed it's slower than stock zlib and the slowdown happens almost all inside "deflate" calls.

IPP Cryptography Library - where are the files as ippcp.h ?

IPP Cryptography Library

The IPP cryptography library files are not included in the above lists, since they are not part of the standard product. If you are using the IPP cryptography library you will need to add those library files to your link list. The crypto files are named ippcp*.

So where are these files ?

i need to to use bignumber but it is impossible because i do not have IPP Cryptography Library ? i precise I bought the product !

thanks for your help

How do you buy more copies of an older version of IPP?

We're currently using IPP 8.0 for one of our software products. A new developer recently came on board with us and I want to buy him a copy of IPP 8.0 (or maybe 8.1). I've been scouring the Intel IPP web site but can't seem to find any way to purchase anything but the new IPP 8.2 stuff (which I don't want). Is there any way to buy more copies of the old stand alone IPP 8.0 or 8.1 products?


Is there any limitation for Max size of the output image of JPEG using IPP

Hello Everyone,

I am doing the JPEG encoding using Intel IPP libs. Everything is looking fine but I am encoding the 70000X70000 image , the output JPEG file is showing 4464X4464 . I ecoded the 50000X50000 image and the output JPEG file is showing correctly as 50000X50000 . I am not sure why 70000X70000 file convrted to 4464X4464. Is there any limitation for JPEG encoding?.

could anyone comment.



How to handle unhandled, and thrown, H264 bad stream excpetions?


How to handle unhandled, just thrown, H264 bad bitstream exceptions?

Where is the documentation about IPP exception handling, an a general IPP exceptions?


From time to time, it is inevitable to get a bad inbound h264 stream.

As per IPP's H264 code, some of the H264 bitstream parameters cause  uncatched and thrown exceptions.

It will be nice, if not necessary, to provide more info about these exceptions, as well as a piece of advise how to handle that.

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