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Same here

I can confirm exactly the same behavior, with both reads and writes just below the stack pointer. I've reported this as a bug in MKL to Premier Support, which I hope also fixes the IPP problems.

Are you experiencing this in Linux only, or also in Windows?

Problems when combining C++ code compiled with icpc and g++

Using icpc version 9.0, we develop a C++ library that export a pure C API. When compiling the C++ code that use pthread API, we have problems when threads are canceled. Using pthread_cancel/pthread_join, we get a "terminate called without and active exception" error in some cases (depending of what kind of code is actually running in the threads)

By changing the link options to use Intel libraries (with -cxxlib-icc) the problem was solved but then other happened:

Urgent openings in USA (New Jersey)


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Current open requirements are for New Jersey office.

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STL problem with WinCE


I just posted this in the handheld development forum, but I'm not sure it's the right one, so I'll post here too. I'm new to ppc development and I'm having trouble compiling files which use STL with the Intel C++ Compiler for the WinCE platform. Is there a compilation option I should set or maybe an alternative library i should use instead?


Simple? xscale-elf-gcc problem

Hello folks,
I installed the new cygwin version (1.5.18) and unpacked the Wasabi Cygwin Files ( to C:
I set all the system variables declared in the handbook but trying to compile the hello World programm:
int main()
printf ("Hello world
return 0;
Trying to compile the hello world program, I gethyrogliphic messages like:

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