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xspace options for bi-endian compiler

I want to implement xspace protection for an image, where I am compiling my code with Intel bi-endian compiler. Is there any option available for the same.

Xspace Protection:

For each segment I need to provide the access permissions as like mentioned below

TEXT Segment : Read & Execute Permission   -----> Code

RODATA :  Read Only Permission  -------> constants, String Literals, etc

RWDATA : Read & Write Permission ---------> BSS, Data , Heap,Stack Segments.

Please provide the info for the same.


/Qipo seems disabling automatic vectorization


I depend a lot on SSE/AVX auto-vectorization and it seems that /Qipo disables it. These are relevant parameters I'm using:

/arch:SSE2 /QxSSE2 /Qvec-report /QaxAVX /Qftz

Tye compiler reports lots of loops being vectorized. But if I add /Qipo, it states that the messages will be generated by linker (makes sense), but the linker reports nothing... (I'm not adding /Qvec-report to it though, doesn't seem logical anymore)


How to use the auto-dispatching for AVX (plus some more questions)


1) I spent more than a day playing with AVX intrinsics just to find out, that despite I made almost as fast as my assembler code (with ICC actually slightly faster), ICC itself produced even better code! So it seems I'm going for ICC after all, but :

- I need the software to be working on everything from SSE2 upwards, hence /arch:SSE2

- I want auto-dispatcher for AVX, since I found out the AVX code is faster on Sandy bridge and very much faster on Haswell

Compiler bug?

I am a PhD student and am working at classification of code fragments on a binary level. For that, I used the Intel compiler to compile several open source projects. While analyzing the code, I stumbled upon an interesting code snippet I cannot find another explanation than a potential bug.

Windows installation hangs


I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise, Service Pack 1 and I've installed Microsoft Visual Studio XE 2015.

I'm trying to install Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 2 Composer Edition for Fortran and C++

The installation ends prematurely with the following message:

Error message: An internal error occurred.

Error code: 1603

file name: w_cprosuite_common_p_15.0.2.179.msi

Any suggestions?



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