Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE

Advanced Hotspot analysis problem

I’m trying to analyse an OpenCL program with VTune Amplifier XE 2015 (update 4) using VS2010 and VS2013 on Windows 7 enterprise.

Under "Algorithm Analysis", I choose 'Advanced Hotspots", and then select, from the "Analyze Processor Graphics hardware events" dropdown, either "Overview" or "Compute Basic", I get the banner message:

 “Processor Graphics analysis is only available on systems with Intel HD graphics and Intel Graphics Driver installed.

cannot analyze user tasks with update 4

Starting with 2015 update 4, vtune seems to be unable to analyze user tasks, erroring upon capture completion. I've bounced back and forth a few times between updates 3 and 4, and it only started happening with 4. I could reinstall 4 to get the error messages, but is this already a known issue?


"-collect-with runsa -knob event-config" only works with Basic Performance Tuning Events

For example


works fine. But for many others such as MEM_UNCORE_RETIRED.REMOTE_DRAM

amplxe-cl will give error like:

amplxe: Error: Cannot configure sampling event groups. The collection is terminated.

Could anyone help? Thanks

Windows XE 2015:"Accurate CPU time detection was disabled. Trace session is already in use"

I am using Amplifier XE 2015 on Windows 7 and trying to profile 4xMPI processes running on my local machine. I get 3x of the above messages when running 4 MPI processes. Is that expected? That is it seems that XE is having problems profiling multiple MPI processes at the same time.

mpiexec -n 4 amplxe-cl -result-dir my_result_ah -collect hotspots -- <my_exe.exe>

Estimating FLOPS

I have Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.70GHz which is Haswell based processor. I want to estimate FLOPS of an application. I am using Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2015. wondering if anybody knows how to find FLOPS?

I tried following steps on but I don't find Processor Event Name on the pages in VTune. wondering if anybody has successfully done this on Haswell processor.

VTune fails to collect usual data on MIC


I've got troubles with VTune for collecting data on a native MIC application, after we upgraded MPSS to 3.5 and Intel Tools to 2015 update 3.

Here is a log of what happens and the debug logs that VTune created as an attachment.

Probably the key line is:

tb5gen_Add_Sampling_Data returned error "Unknown reason"

There is some data, but no info based on the call stack like "top/down", and the result is therefore not really useful.

Sincerely, HC


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