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Kronecker product


I am new to Intel MKL and I am sorry if my question seems out of line.

Is there any function or subroutine in MKL that computes the kronecker product of two matrix (like kron in matlab).

Also is there a function in MKL that returns the identity matrix of a specified dimension (like eye(n) in matlab).

Thank you!

Can't open mkl_intel_s_dll.lib in 64bit Visual Studio environment

I tried to compile in Visual studio 2013 for some program using mkl.

It works fine in 32bit environment. But in 64 bit they say 

   error LNK1181 :Can not open 'mkl_intel_s.lib'

   error #11018: Cannot open mkl_intel_s_dll.lib

   error $11018: Cannot open mkl_intel_s.lib

I already download all files from parallel studio

And when I copy and paste mkl_intel_s_dll.lib and mkl_intel_s.lib from C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE\mkl\lib\ia32

Numpy linked against MKL not utilizing all cores

Hey Guys,

I'm using MKL to speed up numpy and doing some benchmark of matrix multiplication. Mostly I followed the instruction in It works great on my dev Mac machine but when I build it the same way on a ec2 c3.2xlarge instance, only one core is used with the benchmark script. I'm pretty sure it has 8 physical core... 

Has anyone encounter this before or the processor on ec2 doesn't support MKL?



pdgemr2d: copy between grids


I'd like to accomplish the following on a cluster-computer with nproc processors:

1. define two blacs grids, the first of the form p x q = nprocs, the second of the form 1 x 1, which is also just the root process

2. use pdgemr2d to copy a distributed matrix from the first grid to the second

I am already stuck at point 1.

So here are my questions:

a)  Do I have to initialize two MPI communicators and define the blacs contexts in these? 

b) If not, how do I create two separate blacs contexts?

MKL 10.3 (64bit) & VS 2013

Hello !

I have a problem with update my project from VS 2010 to VS 2015 widh mkl_rt.dll

I using a few function from mkl_rt.dll file version

VS 2010 - all Ok

VS 2013 - compiling and linking - are Ok. but in runtime the application was ended without crash or exeption on any function from mkl_rt.dll

I don't know what is wrong ? 

May be I need  new version of library ?



Question cycle count of 2048 MKL FFT DftiComputeForward code

Hello There,

Recently I am using MKL FFT code to get the cycle count of DftiComputeForward. Form mkl documents, DFTI_NUMBER_OF_USER_THREADS is no longer used in latest MKL version. But I made a test.

Method is adding "status = DftiSetValue(FFT_desc, DFTI_NUMBER_OF_USER_THREADS, (1/2/3/4));" in my test code and result is: 

Cycle count

FFT and thread setting
No setting thread
1 thread
2 thread
3 thread
4 thread


3D FFT in MKL with data larger than cache


I am working on a 3D numerical integrator for a non-linear PDE using the parallel FFT library included in MKL. 

My arrays consist of 2^30 data points which is much much larger than the cache. This results in ~50% of cache references being misses leading to a massive amount of execution time being purely accessing memory.

Is there a clever way I can deal with this? Is it expected to have 50% cache misses using an array this large?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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