Intel® Threading Building Blocks

linker error with TBB

We just installed Intel C++ compiler along with the Thread Building Blocks. I'm particularly looking to use the parallel_for mechanism. I have it all compiling fine but getting 10 linker errors, all similar to the following below.
It's as if the LIB envar is not being used. It is set to point to the vc8lib directory. Both the register envars at install and the running of the bat file were both used. A cmd line check using "set" shows that the paths are indeed in the envar.

"LIB=C:Program FilesIntelTBB2.0ia32vc8lib;C:Program FilesIntelIPP5.3.

Status bar update


I've recently started using TBB for some of my algorithmsand would like to know if there is some "clever" way to manage status bar updates. Imagine a loop that goes from 1 to n doing something and updating a status bar as it motors along. Let's assume this has been converted to a parallel_for - how would we update the status.

Best book C++ for C programmers, to support Intel TBB C++ constructs?

I program in Haskell or Python for convenience, I've used dozens of languages, but C is still my native language. Like various other people I respect, I never drank the object-oriented Kool-Aid (please start a Lisp programmer on this question, not me, although they'll try to tell you you're using Lisp without knowing it ;-) and I rejected C++ back in the day when templates were a poorly implemented mess and generic programming was not yet supported. Later, like various other people, I needed objects for GUI programming and was able to master the Objective C extensions to C in a few hours.

If this is an open source project, where's the repository?

While it's great that you've made the source code available under the GPL, most projects that really want to encourage community participation have a public source repository. Can we expect to see a svn, bzr, git, or whatever repository any time soon, or do you have specific reasons for making people maintain patch sets against simple source drops?

Additions to atomic<T>

The discussion in the point that TBB's atomic operations are lacking:

  1. A way to express an unfenced atomic load

  2. A way to express a full fence (i.e. fence with both acquire and release semantics)

(2) can be expressed pathetically as atomic::fetch_and_add(0).

I'm wondering about opinions on syntax and generality for the additions suggested above. The simplest approach would be to add:

TBB download page

I'm having a problem accessing the tbb download page ( I just get a blank page with a login link and clicking the login link just refreshes the page instead of giving me a login form.

Before this I was getting the download page for the various platforms but when I clicked the download link I was taken to a similar blank page with no download links.

Scalable Memory Allocator in Windows with MFC


I have recentely changed our application over to use the TBB Scalable Memory Allocator in our Windows application, which is written in Visual Studio 2005. It has been working fine for the last couple weeks and greatly sped up some operations in our software. However,we just discovered a new crash that is related to the change over to the TBB memory allocation. FYI, I replaced the new and deleteexactly the sameway as described in the book.

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