Intel® Clusters and HPC Technology

How communication between ranks works?

Example of hipo cluster : 

"Node 1" -> 4 cores so [0,4[ rank

"Node 2" -> 4 cores so [4,8[ rank

So rank = 0 would be first core in Node 1

In a situation like Core #5 wants to send a message to Core #6

which are both in "Node 2"

What happens?

I hope Core 5 doesn't sends its message to Rank #0 in "Node 1" that sends it back to Core #6.

So how does it works?

MPI_Allgatherv with large message sizes


I'm trying to collect data with MPI_Allgatherv with a large receive buffer for which the total size is larger than 2GB. As I could understand here ( this is not supported. Unfortunately when I try to use the -ilp64 option with mpiifort I run into several problems:

1) when using include 'mpif.h' to  include mpi, then after the following commands:

mpiifort -warn -O1 -g -traceback -check bounds -i8 -c gather.f

Mpirun problem on running test.f90 on a cluster

Dear all,

I have installed on a cluster intel mpi. I run ./sshconnectivity.exp machines.LINUX

on a cluster with on master and 3 nodes. using the following  machines.LINUX






Than I installed mpi on all the nodes using the

Everything went great...apparently

Windows cluster using ICS

Hello everyone!

I'm newbie in practical cluster computing and I want to create a cluster of 25 nodes on Windows 7 using Intel Cluster Studio. What do I need to accomplish this task? Just nodes with Win7 and ICS? Previously I tried to use cluster on Windows Server 2008 HPC and it had a cluster manager. Is there anything similar in ICS? Can I monitor nodes, their status and status of jobs? How do people create clusters on Windows?

Can someone advise me articles or books to make things clearer?
Thanks in advance.

MPI_Init crash after setting I_MPI_STATS

After setting I_MPI_STATS=4, Intel MPI 4.1.3 on Linux crashes at MPI_Init

*** glibc detected ***  free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000002933384 ***
======= Backtrace: =========




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