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MCA with Docking Station Disable maual dock Unlock

Hello we are software firm being asked to disable the manual unlock feature of the docking station. We have a T10YMCA with docking station and currently pressing the FN + enter Jpystick the tablet is unlocked from docking station. Our customer would like this feature disabled. How do we do this? I cannot find any manuals for this unit besides the User guide that does not go into details.

Thanks for any help.

Null Reference Exception

I'm getting this exception:

System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: format
at System.String.Format(IFormatProvider provider, String format, Object[] args)
at Intel.Healthcare.Device.Buttons..ctor(IntPtr windowHandle)
at xxx.frmScan..ctor()

My code at that point looks like:

using Intel.Healthcare;
using Intel.Healthcare.Device;
using Intel.Healthcare.Exception;

Buttons btn;
EventHandler mRfidScannedHand = null;

RFID Scan Error


The RFID scanning was previously working on the Motion F5v I am using.

It is running the latest PD and am using the latest SDK to develop against. The OS is WinXP.

When using the default handler, as soon as I press the button on the hardware hear an error sound and a message appears stating "No Tags Found!".

As this is almost immediate I have tried altering various timeout values.
Obviously the RFID scan no longer works within our applications which uses the callback with data method.

I can post a log if needed.

Camera video at high-res is choppy, focus struggles

Hi. I have writing a very simple app for the Panasonic CF-H1 that uses the camera as a "preview" video window, and then I have a button that "snaps" apicture. This snapshot picture seems to be grabbed from the video "stream". I need the snapshot to be at the highest resoluton (1600x1200) but the video preview does not need to be high at all.

Barcode Scanner timeouts


I am currently developing against the motion C5/F5 tablet. PD 1.1 using v3 of the SDK.

I have made a simple application that uses the callback with data feature of the SDK to receive the value of a barcode after the button on the tablet has been pressed and barcode scanned.

The issue I have is that everything works great the first time I press the button and scan the barcode but the second time the scanner fails to fire up. I hear a sort of error sound effect.

IntelHealthcare.cfg - not picking up prefix/suffix


Can anyone please indicate why information in an IntelHealthcare.cfg file is not being 'actioned'?

We are using a Panasonic CF-H1andwant specific prefix and suffix (postfix) characters when a barcode is scanned with the inbuilt barcode reader. We have therefore duly followed Panasonic's instructions for this in a document 'CF-H1 Support_20090717.pdf' in relation to advising these codes to the Intel MCA config.

Compatibility issue with ISO 15693 tags and MCA Platform Driver 3.x

Dear all,

Since the launch of the
Intel MCA SDK version 3.0, Intel clearly states All known fully compliant
ISO15693 RFID tags are now supported
(see page 6 of Intel SDK 3.0 release note).

We would
expect the new Intel MCA platform driver (version, available for
download on Motion Computing website, to support a wider range of ISO 15693 tags.

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