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what should the <res Content URI be set to

i've got a C# AV MediaServer that is discovered, and can be browsed. the final step is to serve the content to the MediaRenderer.

i'm assuming that UPnP.dll implements serving the media from HTTP GET requests with RANGE headers?

if so, how should i setup the http://ipaddress:port/GetContent/content.ext... but i dont know what that magic URL should be so that the WebServer will parse it correctly and start sending the data.

looking through the docs but haven't found it yet.


Intel Device Builder supports embedded Devices?


I'm using the Intel Device Builder with Build: 1.0.2777.24761.

I try to create a Root Device with just one embedded device. The target platform should be "Intel C Stack - Windows 95,98,NT,XP (WinSock1)" and with CR+LF Windows Style Code.
Everything works fine ( I can export the stack etc) till I try to build the project. I get the following errormessage: "upnpmicrostack.c(1243) : error C2065: 'FriendlyName2': unknown identendifier".

Can anyone help me? Does the Intel Device Builder Support embedded Devices?


DLNA Wizard Generator License?

Hi all,

Does anyone know how the license in the code generated by the "Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard" is to be interpreted?
Specifically I'm wondering if a company can use the generated code in a commercial product? It seems to me like the license specifically says that they can't:

* ... No part of the Material
* may be used, copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded,
* posted, transmitted, distributed, or disclosed in any way without
* Intel's prior express written permission.

Device Spy hangs after loading device desciption

Hi there,

I'm doing some software development with coherence ( Unfortunately Device Spy starts to hang right after loading the device-description of the coherence server. The CPU usage goes up to 100% and nothing else happens. Connection is never closed. This does not happen with the "old" version of Device Spy. Can annyone give me some advice?

C# Source Code for UPnP.dll

Is the C# source code used to generate the UPnP.dll available, and if so where is it?

I was able to locate source code in an earlier version of the Intel UPnP Authoring Tools (Stacks and ApplicationsCompactDotNetCompactUPnP*.*), however am not able to locate the source code w/the latest release of the Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard.


- scott

UPnP Discovery erratic when UPnP Device computer has > 1 connected NIC

Using the Intel Device Builder for UPnP Technologies (version 1.0.2077), w/UPnP.dll v. 1.0.2578.24923, the UPnP device can be searched for/discovered when only one network interface is connected, however when two NICs on the device computer are connected to a network, searching for the device fails.

My device is written in C#, running on a Windows 2003 server machine.

Uploading file to MediaServer


There are some problems with uploading file to MediaServer. Is there
any way to do this?

What I tried:

I create new resource with CreateResource action (run via Device Spy)
on first server. All is ok, I see importURI from result. Then I try to
import file from second server using ExportResource. When I invoke it,
the following error is occured:

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal
Content-Length: 996

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