Intel C++ Compiler and Performance Library for QNX* Neutrino* RTOS

Is it possible yo use Cache as RAM?

Hello Everyone,
I am Vivek Chand, pursuing my BE in Dr.AIT at Bangalore.
I am designing an OS for MultiCore and ManyCore chips to fully exploit it which wolud be a modification to xv6 and JOS Kernel(MIT's exokernel)
I have the ideas for implementing an deterministic and race-free Operating System.
Now, to make a bit different from the existing OS design, i want to load my microkernel into L2 cache permanently.
i.e, I want my microkernel to be bootloaded into L2 Cache rather than into main memory.

Installation of Intel(R) C++ Compiler 11.1.009 with floating QNX license

I have a QNX installation on a network share with a floating flexlm license (i.e. no local installation of the QNX Momentix environment). QNX momentix works properly (launching qcc from command line works fine) and QNX_CONIGURATION environment variable is set correctly.
Despite this, I have a message during Intel C++ Compiler installation saying QNX Momentix is not properly installed :

Error when using C++ Exception handling

An error in the Intel C++ Compiler for QNX configuration has been discovered. Below is a description of the problem and a simple workaround.

Problem: If a C++ application is using exception handling there will be an error in runtime when the exception is thrown.

Workaround: Make sure that you are using the option -fexceptions for the linking stage

Version 11.1 of the Compiler Tools supporting QNX* Neutrino* RTOS now launched

In ww31, 2009 we launched Intel C++ Compiler 11.1 Professional Edition for QNX* Neutrino* RTOS. The tools which are validated for Windows XP host, contains a C++ Compiler, version 11.1.009 and IPP libraries version These tools can be integrated with the QNX SDP v 6.4.0 and 6.4.1. You can download the tools from our website.

Please be aware of the following known issue:

Suscribirse a Intel C++ Compiler and Performance Library for QNX* Neutrino* RTOS