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h.264 decode on bay trail


I am currently evaluating hardware for a new video application. I have an application which uses MediaCodec to play h.264 which works fine on all streams I try on my arm architecture but the Bay Trail nuc (N2820) running android-4.4.2_r1-ia2 only appears to play baseline h.264.

Is this a known limitation or am I likely to be doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,
Richard Kemp

A Multi-Million Dollar Idea for Intel

Intel has been struggling to enter the smartphone market.

But they have not yet realized, they can have a massive edge over all of the competition!

I'm giving you, Intel, this idea. I hope you develop it and advance the state of technology in the world. I also hope with the many millions you make from it you swing a million or two my way, and I'll keep giving you top notch ideas.

ARM has not yet exploded into the server and workstation market, but it is happening. The way things are going Intel will lose massive market share in the coming years.

Cannot run correctly x86 device images with HAXM


I'm on a Mac OS X Maverick with Android SDK 23.0.2 and latest HAXM Version 1.0.8 configured with 2048 RAM size, I could install it as well but then when I launch emulator with any x86 device images  I got the emulator freezed at the bootscreen. I cannot understand why, HAXM was working on Lion.

Here verbose output from the same command executed from Android Studio:

I have devlop an android app on EMI Calculator , but the value i obtained has to display in the form of pie chart

Hello friends , i have developed an android app on EMI calculator , so far the calculation part is done  and the result i displayed in text field . But main problem is when ever i try to show output in pie chart the app forceful shut down. Please help me ...have been trying since 3 weeks and the project is delayed 




Hi there, 

I am writing a book on Android performance and tools used to measure performance, and I'd like the opportunity to look at the Intel performance tools., however, The MDK process fails - since Dell does not offer the Venue 8 on its website.


Can you please assist?


How to distinguish phone vs. tablet


I'm trying to find the best known methods for distinguishing a tablet from a phone.

We recently discovered that a Tablet device (Thundersoft Bamboo) was getting a phone version of an App in the Google Play store instead of an alternate version more suited for tablets. After contacting the ISV we learned that the reason was that they distinguish a phone from a tablet based on screen properties. Specifically for the Bamboo:

getResources().getConfiguration().screenLayout  =  Configuration.SCREENLAYOUT_SIZE_NORMAL

source code for tutorial

I'm new to Android UI coding, not new to coding, and was in the process of creating a tab/swipe UI when i came across this tutorial

there are many references in it to the "complete source code" yet there are no links to download the full it available for reference?

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