How to use intel media sdk with dual intel processor workstation


We are planning to get a dual processor dell workstation running windows 8.1. How will intel media sdk work with such dual intel processor system in terms of hardware encoding. Can we select which intel HD chip to use or is it automatically optimised to use both?

MFXInit(MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE,{0,1},&session) fails,returning -3.

On a i7-4700eq running centos 7, I installed the rpms from "MediaSeverStudioEssentials2015R3.tar.gz" and the kernel modules, and whenever I try to run MFXInit i get -3.

dmesg is spitting out "[drm:i915_set_reset_status] *ERROR* render ring hung inside bo (0x1885000 ctx 1) at 0x1885274"

I did get the kernel source from and am running it. 

HEVC decode fail

installed media SDK version:w_inde_2015.1.021.exe

installed sample version:MediaSamples_Windows_6.0.0.36.msi

command line:sample_decode h265 -i 2_ParkJoy_1080p25.h265 -o 2_ParkJoy_1080p25.yuv


plugin_loader.h :153 [ERROR] Failed to load plugin from GUID, sts=-9: { 0x15, 0xdd, 0x93, 0x68, 0x25, 0xad, 0x47, 0x5e, 0xa3, 0x4e, 0x35, 0xf3, 0xf5, 0x42, 0x17

, 0xa6 } (Intel (R) Media SDK plugin for HEVC DECODE)


Return on error: error code -3, src\pipeline_decode.cpp 235

Return on error: error code 1,  src\sample_decode.cpp   448

Sample code of decode encode pipeline


Does intel provide any sample code of intel media which does the decode and encode of the yuv or raw data?


Does intel provide any sample code of intel media which does the decode - opencl - encode of the yuv or raw data?

I found the DECODE - OPENCL pipeline code in Intel Media Samples

is there any sample code which has the full pipeline DECODE - OPENCL - ENCODE?


is there a low-end product that only supports HEVC decoding?


Now we only need a light version similar to intel media sdk 2014 r2, to support HEVC decoding.  However, the intel media server studio is way too big and expensive. In order to include HEVC codec, the professional version is required. Will intel have a light  version only to support HEVC codec (decoding or encoding) in the near future?




Audio Encoder returns MFX_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE

When attempting to initialize the audio path encoder I get MFX_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE error.

Logic used:

mfxVersion SWversion = {0,1}, HWversion = {0,1}, version;

mfxSession Audiosession;

mfxStatus sts;

sts = MFXInit(MFX_IMPL_AUDIO | MFX_IMPL_SOFTWARE, &SWversion, &Audiosession);

if (MFX_ERR_NONE == sts){


printf("Audio version:%d.%d API Level: %d.%d\n",


version.Major, version.Minor);

mfxIMPL implTest = 0;

Maximum MFXVideoDecode instance number

Hi All,

Now I'm trying to use Intel media SDK. So, I have checked the performance and limitations.

Using "sample_decode" sample(64bit build), I try to create multiple instance to know limitation as below.

CDecodingPipeline Pipeline[128];

for ( int i = 0; i < 128; i++){



for(int i=0; i<128; i++){




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