Can HEVC software encoder encode interlaced frames


I am trying to encode an interlaced HEVC stream using the software HEVC plugin.
When I configure the PicStruct to MFX_PICSTRURCT_PROGRESSIVE the output is ok and the resolution is correct
When I configure the PicStruct to MFX_PICSTRUCT_FIELD_TFF the output height is half of the expected resolution.

Bad quality in a fast moving scenes


I need help because all my ideas are at the end.

I'm using Media Server Studio Community 2016 with Centos 7.1.

The hardware is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1285L.

The preset is "veryslow", h264 high 4.1 profile with VBR.

In a fast moving scenes - like foorball games, the terrain seems like a green fog. In a slow scenes it is ok. 

The source is high quality h264@13mbps 1080 and I'm trying to produce  720 at around 6mbps. I've tried different presets and

cannot install Intel_Media_SDK_2016.msi on Windows10-32bit

32bit Windows 10 Home: Intel Media SDK (Intel_Media_SDK_2016.msi) fails with "Dieses Installationspaket wird auf dieser Plattform nicht unterstützt. Wenden Sie sich an Hersteller des Produkts" - that means something like "This installation package is not supported on this platform. Please contact the manufacturer of this product."
Does it mean that Media SDK is not supported by Windows10 Home 32 bit in general, or do I have an unsupported CPU or Windows Installer Version or whatever?

MSDK decode , switch video stream problem, memory leak? and restart failure?


when is decoding with IPC A's stream(1080p), and I want to close it and start decode IPC B's stream(720p).

which operation is correct in the follow:

1.    Release Pipeline


      for (;;)      {  sts = Pipeline.RunDecoding();...}

2  or:  use ResetDecoder()

      for (;;)      {  sts = Pipeline.RunDecoding();....}

Using QuickSync on high end processors like Core i7-5930K?


I'm working on an application tailored to high end gaming processors like the Core i7-5900 series. I want to use Intel's hardware video decoding, as I need to decode large images (several simultaneous 4k h.264 streams.)

Unfortunately, it seems that the QuickSync hardware video decode support is limited to lower end processors that have integrated graphics.

Is there a solution for this that I'm not seeing, like some way to enable the hardware video decoder on this processor, or a processor with similar power *and* video decoder hardware built in?

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