Can H264 Encoder generates output frame for every input raw frame


I am using Media_SDK_2016.0.1 and sample version for encoding NV12 frames (basically desktop capture frames) into H264 format through HW encoder (API version 1.16). I set the AsyncDepth value to 1 and LA Depth to 0 in encoder init. Other settings are as following:

How to use OpenGL with media sdk server (Linux)


I've started a new thread, after the old threads not been resolved yet.

We develop application which does the following:

1. Encode multiple video  streams
2. Deliver graphic images from multiple streams --> fpga --> display (from fpga)
3. Using media sdk server on Linux

The 2nd above need to support OpenGL.
As far as I understand to support OpenGL we must use the GPU.

I would plea like to know:

Is kernel patches from SDK already in main ubuntu kernel?


It seems that patches from kernel 3.14.5 already in kernel version like 4.4.*

Is it true? I've just try to apply patches to newer kernels but they are can not be applied (but it's normal) and after read some code I see that the code in kernel looks close to patches :)

Am I misunderstand and kernel 4.4.* not ready to work with quicksync out of the box or not? 

Where is HEVC hardware accelerated plugin located.


I have installed the new Intel(R)_Media_SDK_2016.0.1 and only the following files are present (in bin win32/x64):
Screen capture plugin: 22d62c07e672408fbb4cc20ed7a053e4
CameraPipe plugin: 54542616243341e693ae899942ce7355
Audio software decoder: libmfxaudiosw64.dll
H264 software decoder: libmfxsw64.dll

I also have installed Intel(R) Media Server Studio 2015 R6 and it has ONLY x64 lib's and dll's:
Plugin HEVC software DECODER: 15dd936825ad475ea34e35f3f54217a6/mfxplugin64_hevcd_sw.dll

My questions are:

kernel version 3.16.x support ?


In getting started guide it shows that it is possible to use kernel 3.14.5 (with Intel's patches).

The thing is that we use video4linux capabilities and we need a more update kernel.

We need to use at least version 3.16.X

Is it possible to patch this kernel with intel's patches and use it with media sdk server ?

Thank you for the time,


Screen capture


Can one use screen capture plugin to capture fullscreen DirectX and OpenGL applications ? I used following command for testing:

sample_decode.exe capture -sw -d3d -fourcc nv12 -async 1 -p 22d62c07e672408fbb4cc20ed7a053e4 -h 1080 -w 1920 -o outputfile.nv12

After invoking this command i switched to DirectX fullscreen window and captured output shows black image.



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