Havok 6 - Uninitialized bone in pose

Hi. after converting from havok 5.5.0 to havok 6.0.0 I have run into this problem.

When I try to call SampleAndCombineAnimations for an hkaPose I get an assert:

HAVOK: .\Rig\hkaPose.cpp(148): [0x5A3281F6] Assert : ! isFlagOn(b, F_BONE_MODEL_DIRTY)
Trying to access uninitialized bone in pose

I'm not sure, but it may be related to the way I'm getting the data in the pose, which has changed in havok 6.0.0.

In 5.5.0 I used to use the writeAccessFloatSlotValues, writeAccessPoseLocalSpace, writeAccessPoseModelSpace funcions.

Havok 6 - Problem loading models

Hi. I just updated from havok 5.5.0 to 6.0.0.

I'm now having trouble loading binary havok models.

I have re-exported the models from Maya using the ver 6.0.0 exporter.

When I load the the model using loadEntrire file that returns HK_SUCCESS.

When I then use getContents to access the root level container, I get an assert and this message in the output window:

HAVOK: .\Packfile\hkPackfileData.cpp(147): [0x4A45F946] Assert : typeInfo != HK_NULL
Found unregistered type 'hkClass'.

Error at hkaAnimatedSkeleton.sampleAndCombineAnimations()

I've got multiple animations imported as in the Character Animation demo, which just plays different skinned animations. I can use


without problems. I can also ease animations in/out.

I want to draw the deformed mesh, so like in the demo, I'm doing this:

[Noob question] How do I use Havok?

I'm completly new to the concept of using engines and libraries. I have had some experience in programming, most of which has consisted of using built in libraries (I never went online for one).

I was wondering if someone could help me by explaining what Havok does specifically and how I can incorporate it into my games.

Please and thank you!

Importing 3dsmax scene into direct3d environment

Hey there,

I am trying to import the data from a hkx, i have the following data imported so far:

- The havok world

- Geometry of objects

Now i have retrieved the rigid bodies connected to the objects in the scene, but when i try to add the rigid bodies to the havok world my game crashes. My log contains the following:

3D Studio Max 2009

When installing the havok content tools, I see options for diff 3d modelling tools for exporting models.

I do not see one for 3d studio max 2009, which some of our artists are using. Is an exporter available for Max 2009 or is it in development?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Proper way to support holes with the hkpTriSampledHeightFieldBvTreeShape class


I need to support holes in my heightfield data. The Havok documentation alludes to using the hkpTriSampledHeightFieldBvTreeShape class in such cases, which is what I've started to do (i.e. instantiating a hkpTriSampledHeightFieldBvTreeShape around a hkpTriSampledHeightfieldCollection around a hkpSampledHeightFieldShape). I need my heightfield holes to be respected by both character proxies moving around on the terrain, and by ray and shape casts executed against the Havok world (aabbPhantoms, etc).

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