How to deactivate 2 penetrated boxes.


Fortunately I have been success to finish reading full of Havok documentation, Thanks for it, That was very useful !

As the Havok's Document say, When two rigid bodies have penetration(For example 2 boxes that an artist did wrong at positioning them), deactivation method can not deactivate them while they have penetration.

But i want something else, because when player reach to some part of my game map that the two boxes exists there, they must be activated.

Automatically deactivation on box stack


I have some boxes (consider them as a wall or a stack) , They have stress and never deactivate automatically!

I can manually force them to deactivate or even run requestDeactivate() for all of them but surely Havok engine have internally configuration for automatically deactivation, I just have following option in my init():

physicsWorld->m_wantDeactivation = true;

Is that enough?

You can see full of my test-case source in https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/517625

How much is the HavokDestruction?

hello everybody:

          I want to buy the Havok Destruction,but I don't know how much is it?Is there Anybody can tell me the price? thank you!


Box freezes in mid air after bouncing.

I have a level set up where I have a box on the ground and I have a smaller box bouncing on it

This is the code I use to set that up.

hkVector4 halfExtents(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f);
    hkpBoxShape* boxShape = new hkpBoxShape(halfExtents);

    hkpRigidBodyCinfo ci;
    ci.m_shape = boxShape;
    ci.m_position = hkVector4(0, 30, 0);
    ci.m_motionType = hkpMotion::MOTION_DYNAMIC;

I can't load a correct .htx model into the havok. please check out the description.

Hello everybody:

        I have a simple problem but I can't how to solve. After I create a simple .hkx model "teapot" by 3ds max,I want to load it into my Havok. The model shows like this      

But when I load it into my Havok, the model is bacome,

like this

Suscribirse a Havok