Box freezes in mid air after bouncing.

I have a level set up where I have a box on the ground and I have a smaller box bouncing on it

This is the code I use to set that up.

hkVector4 halfExtents(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f);
    hkpBoxShape* boxShape = new hkpBoxShape(halfExtents);

    hkpRigidBodyCinfo ci;
    ci.m_shape = boxShape;
    ci.m_position = hkVector4(0, 30, 0);
    ci.m_motionType = hkpMotion::MOTION_DYNAMIC;

I can't load a correct .htx model into the havok. please check out the description.

Hello everybody:

        I have a simple problem but I can't how to solve. After I create a simple .hkx model "teapot" by 3ds max,I want to load it into my Havok. The model shows like this      

But when I load it into my Havok, the model is bacome,

like this

Physics: calculating forces.

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to simulate a penetration. Here are the simplified conditions:

I have a compound body consisting of triangles(flat ones), joined by their vertices, and a separate sphere. The sphere is launched at a body. The idea is, if it hits(or presses) the surface of any tringle hard enough, this triangle is destroyed and removed from the world. Thus, sphere creates a hole in the body.

I would like to know if there is a way to calculate how hard sphere and triangle press each other using havok. Thanks in advance.

Some questions about the hkt file,xml file and the hkx file include?

Accroding to study the Havok_Physics_Animation_2012-2-0_Pc_Xs_User_Guide,I have some questions:

1、I get to know there are three 3D format files can be load into havok.They are  hkt file,hkx file and xml file.But now I want to know what differences between these 3D format files? what information they include? 

2、if I want to load other 3D format files such as .3ds and .ply  into the havok,what should I do? Who have codes and metheds can load these 3D format files into the havok and wanna to share it to me?

Exception during hkRefVariant::set() / hkClass::getName()


I am trying to serialize some Havok scene data from a C++ library I call from my C# app. However I get an exception when hkRootLevelContainer::NamedVariant::set() is called. I am linking against the debug_dll of the "Free Havok Physics & Animation" package for PC (Binary-only).


My code looks something like this:

Shape penetrated by hkpCharacterProxy

I load a mesh and convert it to hkpMoppBvTreeShape(no simplify).

code as follow:

hkpSimpleMeshShape* storageMeshShape = new hkpSimpleMeshShape( 0.01f );

......build the storageMeshShape(abbreviation)

hkpMoppCompilerInput mci;
  mci.m_cachePrimitiveExtents  = true;
  mci.m_enableChunkSubdivision = true;

 hkpMoppCode* moppCode = hkpMoppUtility::buildCode(storageMeshShape, mci);

 hkpMoppBvTreeShape* moppBvTreeShape = new hkpMoppBvTreeShape(storageMeshShape, moppCode);

and create static rigidbody

Big Car Vehicle Setup

hello,I have a question in Vehicle Setup.

I studied the demo in SDK of Car,The demo use program data created a chassisShape,I test to execute it have no program.

Then,I modi the chassisShape data to scale Volume of car to 10xzoom,now the car length is 40.0f,width is 20.0f, height is 10.0f,mass is 7500

So I continue change many Parameter to diffurent value in VehicleSetup.cpp,

include :


wheel.radius = 3.0f;
wheel.width = 2.0f;
wheel.mass = 100.0f;


engine.maxTorque = 8000.0f;

These files are 3d objects or just havok internal data?

Hello people

I'm trying to analyze some 3d model formats, I found some havok files but I'm not familiarized with the format.
these are the description for each file.(checked with a hexadecimal editor)


the second file say this:


and the final file say this:

Suscribirse a Havok