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AMT KVM - No Port Open?

I'm confused about this mysterious port that isn't open after I provision a computer into CCM. In my provisioning profile, I enable KVM and all the other redirection options, and set an RFB password but apparently this is still half-baked after a provision. For example, if I try to connect to the machine via UltraVNC I get this:

I don't get a prompt for a password or anything. Just a failed to connect error.

But here's the thing. If I go into the Manageability Commander, I see this:

MEI support under linux - which versions of AMT are supported?

There are widespread reports in various linux fora about errors with the mei module along the lines of:

[  286.232029] mei_me 0000:00:03.0: timer: connect/disconnect timeout.
[  286.232038] mei_me 0000:00:03.0: unexpected reset: dev_state = ENABLED

(These are pastes from a DQ35JO system - This uses AMT 3.2)

AMT is enabled and I can access the web interface on this board, so my suspicion is that the MEI module doesn't talk to older AMT firmware.

Can anyone confirm?

If this is true, what is the _oldest_ version of AMT supported by mei?


Problem with webui

Hi all.

Need your assist. I configured AMT via RCS server. When I deploying profile without ACL - I can successfully login to webUI(through default login "admin" and MEBx password).

But when in profile settings  I chose "access control list" option and added my domain account  - I got   an error when connecting to webui

This webpage is not available


The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

SCCM 2012 Out Of Band

Good morning, 

I have a test environment where i am trying to configure SCCM 2012 and OOB. 

I have configured the OOB service and logged into the IME and configured it with the correct HASHS and enabled the network.

When trying to provision the AMT sccm logs: DoConnectToAMTDevice: Failed to establish tcp session to

I can connect via the web browser on 16992 but not 16993 - I have attached my amtopmgr.log file, as you can see at the top it connects once and detects the AMT but it then reverts back to undiscovered. 

Where to get CA plugin option?

Brand new install of Intel SCS v9.0.23.10 in non-database mode. Need to do zero touch to a lot of far away AMT v9.0 clients.

After launching the Intel SCS console and stepping through the configuration profile wizard to "Transport Layer Security", a little blue "i" says:

"The CA plugin option is not available because a CA plugin was not loaded"

Where is this CA plugin option so a certificate can be purchased and used?

Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Error

I have been experiencing persistent problems with my system (DVD drives not working, excessively long boot sequences etc) for some time now. A recent fresh install of Windows 7 seemed to do the trick but now the problem is back.

I have just noticed that the Intel Management Engine Interface is showing a yellow error

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Any ideas as to the cause

Does Intel chipset on Windows 7 support a USB3.0 class driver(KMDF) that is made using WDK8.1 ?

Hi, I'm planning to make a USB3.0 class driver(KMDF) with WDK8.1 for my PC that has an Intel chipset. 

Details of my PC:
  Model: DELL Optiplex 9020
  OS: Windows 7 Professional 32bit SP1
  Chipset: Intel Q87 Express
  CPU: Intel Corei7
Can I make a class driver for my PC ?
If not, how about another Windows 7 PC that has an another Intel Chipset ?

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