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AMT Session Handles

I was wondering if there was a limit to the number of session/block/lock handles that can be create on one AMT.  Through my months of allocating and deeallocating I have created almost 200 3PDS blocks and 200 AMT lock policies.  Will the block handles keep incrementing?  Or rollover when a certain number is met?  



High Level API - Redirection - Stateless usage

After having little luck on Linux with the IMRSDK for IDE-R Redirection, I've decided to take my chances with the C# High Level API that also supports redirection.

I've created a facade on top of the High Level API that my (web based) app can interact with. The facade is implemented using a .NET WCF webservice  The results are good in the sense that IDE-R is actually running, and I can now finally trigger reboots using remote ISOs. All is well.

Monitor attached to Intel AMT machine immediately goes black

I'm having a very weird issue with one of my Intel AMT machines that started popping up tonight.

The monitor connected to the PC goes dark immediately after the Intel BIOS splash screen. I don't see it booting into Windows and also cannot enter the BIOS. The monitor goes into sleep mode immediately and remains dark.

When I connect VNCViewer Plus to AMT machine, I can view the desktop remotely using KVM and I see windows booting into the desktop.

Serial-Over-LAN question

Hi there, 

I am new to AMT and SOL. I have a rather unusual need - I own a t430 equiped with vPro and AMT. I see that vertual COM port is created and I wonder if I can somehow use it to console into devices, like CISCO or HP network equipment (with Putty or Hyperterminal).

For example, instead of using a USB to seral adapter, to use the ethernet port to console into Cisco switch lets say. 

I spent almost 2 hours reseraching and I could not find an answer online. Appretiate any input.

unable to access webui in wireless mode

Hi, I'm trying to manage AMT in wireless mode and unable to access webui in wireless mode alone.

AMT firmware version is 8.1.0-build 1265 

I'm able to connect to AMT webui using wired mode(ip address is and configured wireless setting as below

My Wireless network uses Security type as WPA2-Personal and Encryption type as AES(which is equivalent to RSN-PSK with CCMP)

Created new wireless profile Network authentication as RSN-PSK and encryption as CCMP

Disable Intel AMT?

I recently purchased an HP DC7900 systemt that I plan on using as a Home PC, but am having trouble using the gigabit ethernet port as it is being configured by Intel AMT. So far I have tried to disable it in both the bios and Intel ME, but ipconfig still shows an IP assigned by AMT (i'm assuming). I have very little knowledge in vPro technology and would appreciate some help. The PC is currently running a freshly installed version of Windows 7 Premium (64 Bit). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Xvid on Galaxy Note 2 playing tips- Reformat Xvid AVI movie to Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a 5.5 HD Super AMOLED screen offering better clarity and a 16:9 screen ratio C perfecting all viewing experiences. The innovative design of the Galaxy Note II includes a bigger screen while maintaining a slim body to fit just right in your hand. Plus, with the 1,280 x 720 screen resolution, it s a nice portable video player for you especially on your trip. However, if you are an AVI movie fun, you mightfelt a bit let down due to its limited video formats.

Question about Intel AMT HLAPI and windows priviledges


I'm developping a desktop application based on the Intel AMT HLAPI to be run in Windows 7.

The application needs to connect to AMT to make a FCFH request (connect or disconnect). 

I've seen that it's mandatory to launch my application with administrator priviledges to allow it to get access to the HECI device across the HLAPI. ¿is it necessary? 

I couldn't found nothing about it in the SDK or HLAPI documentation. 

does anybody know?

Is starting an IDE-R session using a soap wsman call possible ?

I'm looking for a way to start an IDE-R session from a management console running on a Linux / Unix environment. The management console cannot access external machines on port 16994.

I can setup an ssh tunnel to the AMT machine but the local port 16994 cannot be used.

The management console can use port 16992/16993 and already uses that for the wsman soap interface to perform certain operations, and I would like to use the same for starting an IDE-R session.

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