Intel® Direct Ethernet Transport (Archived)

Ethernet Gigabit Diagnostics

Whiledeveloping an ethernet analyzer I was working around with the ethernet gigabit diagnostics registers (RDFT, RDFH, PBM) with a 82541 PCI Adapter and found, that the real frame data are always stored 8 Bytes after the RDFT location. At a closer look to these 8 Bytes I found the first 2 Bytes providing the frame size. Following of 2 bytes containing some magic frame information, following 4 bytes set to 0. Basically the first 2 Bytes are very helpful to keep track of the PBM (Packet Buffer) frames, I like to know the meaning of the 6 following bytes.

Direct Ethernet

I am trying to build the DET software on a Fedora Box and found a problem that prevents the kernel driver from compiling. I made a small change and was able to fix the problem.

In det_debug.h it attempts to define an 'assert' macro. Inside the definition of the macro is uses another macro 'BREAK()' which is suppose to call 'breakpoint()'. However, on my system the compiler flags this as an error. To get it to build, I just removed the 'BREAK()' in the macro and all the files build fine.

What I had to do.

mv det-1.1.0 det-1.1.1

edit det_debug.hpp as above

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