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Extremely slow guest/host after VMLaunch

Hey, I've been trying to run hypervisor on OSX 10.9 for a while and finally managed to set it up. Problem is that the CPU/CPUS I run the hypervisor on become extremely slow after VMLaunch.

Everything seem right, I tested it using a simple user mode application which calls CPUID and the VM Exit handler I wrote successfully handles that. But the overall computer performance decreases significantly. The more cores I run VMLaunch on ,the slower it becomes. When run on all 4 cores I can't even move my mouse. What could it be? 

vmlaunch fails - vm entry with invalid control field(s)

Hey. CPU Used :  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4258U CPU @ 2.40GH

Operating system : OSX Mavericks 10.9.4

I looked at the source code of Bluepill , Xen and more. Got help there but still no luck =( Keep getting that error code 0x7 (Vm entry with invalid control field(s)).

Here's the VMCS dump:

Obtaining DRHD values for specific chipsets

I have a problem with a specific BIOS (xw4600) that returns a DRHD with cap and ecap set to all ones, i.e. a broken BIOS, stopping VT-d from working.

I know this is the manufacturer's responsibility, but I'm curious as to where these values are derived from. Obviously some are chipset specific, whilst others (error registers etc) appear to just be available (and probably not fixed) memory locations?

Running hypervisor on Core i5 OSX 10.9

I'm trying to run a hypervisor on OSX 10.9 using Apple I/O Kit Kernel Extension driver.

The vmxon operation successfully completes on the following computers :

1) iMac 2007 - core2duo Mavericks 10.9.4. 

2) Mountain Lion 10.8.5 hackintosh - Core i5

And it fails on 3 macbooks (air & pro) running OSX 10.9+ & Intel Corei5 - i7.

It also fails on Mac mini 2013 - i7 running mavericks 10.9

ept in multi core

hi, i have took a lot of time to solve the problem when enabled the ept.

my purpose is , run different OS on different core.

i can run Ubuntu 14.04 on the BSP now.

then i start one AP. the AP run a simple real time OS which have just 3 tasks(with EPT enabled too), no any hardware access(no network card, no hard drive...), not enable mttr, not enable MMU.

the new problem came out. when the AP runing, the Ubuntu on BSP hangs(only the mouse cursor can move, no any other resoponse), but the real time OS on AP seems OK. Both BSP and AP share the same VMM code.

How to set EPT's memory type

Hi, my guest is Ubuntu 14.04, and I test my code in VMware 10.

When I launch vmx, the Ubuntu can run as VM correctly. But if  I enabled the EPT, the Ubuntu hangs. I have tried to set the memory type through mtrr, failed too.

Is there any more detail information? Except the Xen link?

May I make a suggestion? There are many questions in this forumn, and a lot of answer is reference the Xen or Manaual. I know these material is good, but could some one give a more detailed answer? I have read the Manaual serval times, and the Xen is complicate, it can not help sometime.

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