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Application or utility for testing virtualization on intel x540 T2

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have intel 10GbE Network Adapter X540-T2. Please guide me for the virtualization testing software for the adapter.

I am new to this forum, also guide me that is this correct forum for the 10GbE network Adapter X540-T2.

Reply me as early as possible.

Thanks in advacne.


Unexpected EPT Violations


we're currently working in a project that involves extending the KVM hypervisor. While running the VM, we sometimes get EPT violations that shouldn't be possible from our understanding of the Intel documents.

The scenario is as follow (we use Intel VT with EPT enabled):
All guest paging structures (i.e., the paging structures _inside_ the VM) are set to non-writable on the last EPT level. In other words, whenever the guest OS writes to a guest paging structure (e.g. to map/free a page), this triggers an EPT violation.

Technological migration and virtualization, are they complementary?

Rather than force a user to abruptly break away from routines that have become easy to perform, I think it might be a good idea to run Windows 7 in a virtual environment on the new platform; provided it is possible to hotkey from the new work environment to the old, and back to the new in a New York minute.  

vmx-preemption timer inaccuracy (across vmx transitions)


From what I understand, the VMX-preemption timer should only decrement when in VMX non-root operations. I have been trying to use it as a way to measure cycle time in a VM, with respect to the running time of that VM. Hence, I do not want to include in my measurement the time spent in the VMM or the time to perform VM entries/exits. VMX-preemption timer seems like it could serve that purpose (with the granularity of the TSC to VMX-preemption timer ratio).

However, in my test, the VMX-preemption timer seems to also decrement while performing VM entry/exits.

virtualisasi dekstop or virtualisasi server

no wonder it possible for professionals to adanay kalanagn desktop and server virtualization, but it is very confusing for the layman, because it is almost like it is just different in the context of network and local only.desktop virtualization is more focused on the dektop without touching the network between computers, such as, VMWare Player, Virtualbox, Qemu, etc..

Need required about using intel-vt into guests (nested)

Hi, i'm creating a hypervisor based on Intel-vt extensions, each VM must be able to have it's own hypervisor with Intel-vt (i don't have choice).

The probleme is to use a hypervisor into a VM with Intel-VT require to be in root-operation to perfectly use virtualization instructions such as VMCALL, VMREAD ... But each vm-exit will only give control to the first hypervisor.

So the sub-monitor will never be used.

How can i do that ? Is nested virtualization with Intel-VT is realy possible without modifying guest ?

Thanks a lot.

how to know what the VMM has registered for its control fields

I'm trying to find out what does the Microsoft Hypervisor register for as its control fields.

What registers do I need to be looking at it to find this? The documentaiton is unclear as to where the registers are that control the fields. It keeps saying bitmaps .. but to what.

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