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Why I don't like this contest

So, in phase 1, we're just getting judged on how well we write? I have an actual game physicsengine that I've worked hard on. It can simulate particle fluidsjust as fast as any CUDA program while running completely on the CPU, not to mention lots of other things that can't be done on the GPU, and now all we're being judged on is text and a picture? And if we don't get past the text part we don't even get to submit a demo? At least last year we could put up videos.

Netbook entry validation process


This is a follow-up question toan answer to a Previous thread.

It is not required that the finalists in the netbook category sell their application through the AppUp store, nor is it required that the application pass validation.

QUESTION: We are finalizing our game demo and want to confirm if we should be planning to incorporate the SDK, since the validation step does not seem to be required?

Excerpt from the Contest Rules for the Netbook Category:

some questions

Hello,I have some questions1. In 'queries' thread it is said that Netbook entry will be tested on different machines. This is very confusing as Netbooks are having different processing power and some Netbooks are also having good graphics processor e.g. Nvidia ION, which is claimed to be 10 times faster. Can we assume such graphics acceleration? I am worried because my entry is a 3D game for Netbook so I need to know the limits. I think giving single machine configuration as target will be the best. Can I assume minimum sys config to be Atom N270+945GSE, and recommended is Atom N450.


#1 Entries competing in the Best Game for a Netbook category will be evaluated on which Netbook? There is nothing about it in the rules.Assuming: Netbook machine with Intel Atom processor N450; 1GB DDR2#2 Can we use closed source physics library which is free for commercial use?#3 For the student entry, what is the definition of 'student' and what is the proof required. Compititions for students normally define the term 'student' (e.g.

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