Level Up 2010 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

Best Game Developement Software

In this thread, i like to ask all the people which is the BEST

1. Open source Game developement software ever...?
2. Which is the best paid Game development software..?
3. Which one do you guys use and why...?

and lastly,

4. Which is the Game development software that you guys are using to paricipate in this contest....?

A Huge Thanks.


Intel stupidity

Intel. like everyone, wants a game demo. So we get only people who can build games contributing. Imagine if movies were scripted by directors. Yeah, a few would succeed, most wouldnt.

Surely its time to invite game concept developers to contribute. Yeah, it means judges would have to put a greater effort in - and apply their imagination.

Most games fail because the builders have little ability other than technical. The outcome is obvious - a huge number of pathetic games on the market.

Can we make a demo with FLASH?

I'm a FLASH developer that wants to enter the competition. From what I've seen in the rules, this contest is mostly for C/C++ games, the problem is that I haven't done any game programming in C and because of that whatever I make in Flash will be vastly superior.

My question is this, can I participate with a FLASH game? Will I have the same chance of winning as a C++ game (or at least close) ?

Question about my game entry

I was unable to find anything on the official rules about this, so I'm hoping I can get an official answer here. My company and I are working on a game to eventually sell, but right now it's just a demo. I'd like to submit the game to this competition, but I see that the finalists won't be announced until October. If our demo matures into a full retail game and begins to sell before October, do we become disqualified from the Level Up 2010 Challenge?


How to start.......

Hello, everyone as i came to know about this contest. I am very much interested in participating in it.
But the problem is, i have no knowledge in the field of game development.
I searched the articles to read, the softwares to download but i was not able to figure out from where to start.
I would be very thankfull to anyone who could guide me through the starting steps for the game development.
I have certain questions at the moment like........

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