Level Up 2011 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

Level Up winners now on Steam!

A HUGE thanks to Mike and the gang at Valve for having the Steam page for Level Up go live concurrent with the Video Games Live event this evening. You can all download the winning demos on Steam:


You can even pre-order Cipher Prime's winning puzzle game Splice, which the full game will be out shortly!


Maybe to someone it will help in game development

I had wrote very useful tool for game developer (who use UDK). This is a 3D world editor and Script Wizard FLCT (Fast Level Creation Tools).
It generate unreal script code for inventory, save-load system, menu, AI, traders, day-time cycle, chest, weapon, map/minimap/radar, spell panel, and many other. Mobile games creation also supported.
Maybe someone can use it to improve their games.

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