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qsub ncpus and taskset

Dear MTLers,Is there a way to specify the taskset (sched_affinity) already with qsub?As I understand, qsub's ncpus option allows to request a certain number of cores, but it does not specify which cores. By the time the job starts on a batch node, a taskset command could conflict with other jobs running on that node? (At least if the other jobs requested a particular sched_affinity.)If so, the only way to allocate specific cores (e.g., 10 cores on one CPU) would be to request exclusive access to a batch node, i.e., set ncpus=40?Thanks,Bernd

SSH immediate logoff

Hi there!I got immediately disconnected after successfull loging in (I can see shell wellcome message). The message is 'connection to closed'. What can be the reason of that? Until today I successfully connected via VPN-SSH. The last time I worked remotely I was suddenlythrown out with the same message and I have never been able to login again since that moment. I would appreciate if someone of MTL administrators could help. My login is 'mbait'.Thank you in advance!

PBS queuing issues

I am trying the simple hello_world example using a script like this (!/bin/sh#PBS N myjob#PBS -j oeexport OMP_NUM_THREADS=16./hello_worldThen I submit and get no indication that the job ran, like this:[mcls-s15@acano01 ~]$ gcc -fopenmp -o hello_world hello_omp.c[mcls-s15@acano01 ~]$ qsub -l select=1:ncpus=16 /home/mcls/mcls-s15/[mcls-s15@acano01 ~]$ qstat -aNothing is displayed at all from the qstat command and no output is written.

Go language on MTL?

Greetings! Dmitriy Vyukov has sent us Go language implementations for some our teaching examples, and it would be great to be able to send folks to MTL to test those Go codes as well as our other multi-core implementations. I couldn't find a Go compiler under the usual names... Any chance you can install one on MTL? Thanks.

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