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Looking for a speaker to talk about Intel's Software Development Products


My name is Eduardo Sanchez, a 4th year Ph.D. student in Computational Science at San Diego State University, in San Diego, California. As part of a proposed SIAM student chapter which I am currently organizing, I have come accross some extra budget, and my intention is to try to contact an Intel expert to come to San Diego (expenses on us), to talk about the potential for applicability of the current Intel Software Development products. for example, the MKL, Intel Silk Plus, OpenMP, and so forth.

File locking error on Polyserve file system ADIOI_Set_lock


I'm running an MPI application on a Polyserve file system and I'm getting the following error;

File locking failed in ADIOI_Set_lock(fd 11,cmd F_SETLK/6,type F_WRLCK/1,whence 0) with return value FFFFFFFF and errno 25.
If the file system is NFS, you need to use NFS version 3, ensure that the lockd daemon is running on all the machines, and mount the directory with the 'noac' option (no attribute caching).
ADIOI_Set_lock:: No locks available
ADIOI_Set_lock:offset 640, length 160
application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1) - process 2

Issue in publishing WPF app that calls Windows RT functions

I am working on a WPF app that I want to create for Windows 8. I followed steps mentioned in Hansleman's blog to maks some manual modifications using which I could call WinRT functions in WPF app. Everything worked well, until I tried to publish the app. When I clicked on publishing the app I got error "The 'ResolveManifestFiles' task failed unexpectedly. System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range."

VTune Profiler giving Error: “The Data Cannot be displayed,there is no viewpoint available for data ”

I want to optimize my code which is written in c++ on linux platform.For that i am using Intel VTune Performance Analyzer Profiler .When i am identifying Hotspots , then it gives Error: "The Data Cannot be displayed,there is no viewpoint available for data ".

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