Ultrabook™ and Windows* 8

Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 does not support attaching a file of any type with yahoo and gmail email accounts. When writing a mail and attaching a corresponding file with it, it starts uploading the file and this process continues for more than an hour. Even it takes 4 to 5 hours and ultimately fails. Whereas the same file when uploaded with windows 7 Internet Explorer 9 it gets uploaded after a first time failure in a reasonable amount of time. Again another problem is that, when the same file is downloaded using Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 it takes long time to scan the attachment.

windows sdk for windows 8

I have windows 8 installed on my core i3 pc. I have searched well in microsoft.com  site and noted that the windows sdk for windows 8 iso is not available for download just like windows 7. It simply downloads an online installer setup file which goes to the internet and then again downloads some other files on the c drive. No how the iso file is available for download. Then I need to go that location and double click the sdksetup.exe file in C:\Users\admin\Downloads\Windows Kits\8.0\StandaloneSDK location to launch the installation.

Can any one help me in getting the iso files?

Windows 8.1 drivers

Being keen, I have 8.1 RTM installed on UBHB2SDP and sadly something is getting in the way of hibernating the system. I have the following installed: Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio 2013 Window Phone 8 SDK Regards, Hermit PS: I was told that it could be hyper-v related issue but disabling hyper-v has done nothing so far

Seeking better understanding of Intel Smart Connect

Some questions I have about Smart Connect are:

1) Once lid is closed how does system decide on which power state to go into. What’s the criteria for going into S0i1 and what’s the criteria for going into S0i3?

2) What happens to the system when in S0i1 state? I know it reduces power but in respects to device states or anything else what is going on here?

3) What happens to the system when in S0i3? I know it reduces even more power but in respects to device states or anything else what is going on here?

Square of numbers

This is an application which gives the square value of the given number,not only the no.it shows to text box one for  the starting number and the for ending number.after entering the values we need to  press the compute button,than it shows the square vals of all the numbers from the starting to ending value.for example if we give 1 to 5 then shows the square value for 1,2,3,4,5.if we using calculator to calculate square value for n numbers it take time and work efficiency instead of calculator if we use this square machine,it will helpfull to caculate with small amount

Haswell, S0ix and connected standby.

I have a simple question about Ultrabook efficiency as I start to go through my first review of a Haswell Ultrabook. This is a software and hardware questions I guess.

Am I right in saying that Haswell S0ix modes only come into play in Win 8 Connected Standby (CS) mode? I.e. Ultrabooks without CS capability don't use S0ix at all.

Based on CS specifications (LPDDR, SSD and background drain pre-requisites from Microsoft) I would expect to see more efficient Ultrabooks in desktop mode, if they are CS-capable.Is taht a fair statement?

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