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Slides from May 4th Webinar on Cilk

Hi all,

We did a webinar this morning at 8am Pacific time on changes and new updates in Cilk in the Intel Parallel Composer beta. I am posting the slides here. Let me know if there's any interest to do another webinar on this around 5pm or so Pacific time - I want to see if there's anyone that couldn't attend due to the time that would have liked to attend. Thanks everyone, and I really enjoyed the questions in today's session.

Problem running EXE on another PC

New problem for me. I compiled an old program as a console app and it runs fine on my PC.  When I copied the EXE over to the network and get someone else to run it, he gets an error that it can't run because libifcoremdd.dll is missing.  I found the DLL file on my PC and copied it to the directory where the EXE was located and now another error that says it can't start correctly. I will post the 2 error messages below, but what do I need to do to allow someone else to run the EXE?

Problems with license



I'm managing a FlexLM server that is serving a 25 seats floating license of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 for Linux clients (all). Now, I'm trying to use one license but from a Windows 7 client. During installation, I have choos "Host Name" (my server) and "Port" (28518), but installation fails with message. If I run a "tcpdump" in my server, I can see a first connection between client and server using port 28518 (in server side), but after that, there are some connections between them using both client ports (not 28518).


windows 7 handles leak


I need your help。

I download INDE Media SDK for Windows and intel_media_sdk_2016, in win8 they goes well,but win7 handle keep increasing。

my code like this:




MFXInit(m_session, &version);


MFXVideoENCODE_Init(m_session, &m_mfxEncParams);





loop open and close,it's wrong in the function MFXVideoENCODE_Init, in win7 handles can't be recovery and once add eight.

Community Roadshow: Top 5 JavaScript Tools und Best Practices – mit Microsoft, aber ohne Internet Explorer

Die letzte Community Roadshow ist gerade vor ein paar Monaten zu Ende gegangen. Das Thema behandelte Apache Cordova und das Intel XDK mit über 900 Teilnehmern. Einen Rückblick habe ich hier zusammengestellt: Rückblick zur Roadshow: Einstieg in die Hybrid App Entwicklung. Jetzt packe ich gerade meine Koffer für die neue Tour 2015/2016, für die ich einiges zum Thema JavaScript-Entwickler zusammengestellt habe:

MediaSamples_Linux_6.0 generated failed

Hi, I tried to generated MediaSamples with MediaServerStudioEssentials2015R6. following



Error details:


[ samples]# perl build.pl --cmake=intel64,make,debug --build --clean


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