Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK

Announcing: Perceptual Computing SDK Tech Q&A Sessions

Announcing: Perceptual Computing SDK Tech Q&A Sessions

- Intel will be holding weekly Q&A sessions to help show you how to create great portable applications using the Perceptual SDK

- Visit to register for one or more of these events today to help you create a great app! 

The Intel® Skeletal Hand Tracking Library Experimental Release (Official Intel)

Intel® is excited to present the pre-beta version of Skeletal Hand Tracking library. This library aims to enrich and re-imagine the human-computer interface by extending the ubiquity and interaction of the human hand into virtual 3D environments.

Camera's RGB noisy issue in low light condition

Some developers reported their cameras had noisy issue in RGB. This is known issue with all existing v2.05 and v2.06 cameras when RGB operating in low-light condition only, Horizontal stripes may appear in the image. This issue will go away if the lighting conditions are changed to more office like lightening conditions. 

This issue is fixed in v2.07 hardware.

Welcome to the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK forum

Welcome to the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK forum.   Our hope for this forum is to develop a vibrant community of developers sharing their ideas, solutions,  and challenges.   Intel engineers working on the Perceptual Computing SDK are actively monitoring this forum and are available to answer questions.  

In addition to this forum,  we’ve created some additional resources to help you ramp quickly;      

Record the depth image


Now I try to record the depth image by UtilPipeline, and I enable the capture by :


So I get a video of depth image which lasts about 20 seconds, 30fps. It takes about 607MB. Furthermore, I want to remove the UV map of the depth image so that the memory will be smaller. As a consequence, I change the code to:

A proble about the p.QueryGeoNode

Help!!!Please!!!  I use Unity c# script to develop an app with 3D Senze and meet a problem:

When I define a variable :     
public  PXCMGesture.GeoNode.Openness openhand;

And then I want to receive the value p.QueryGeoNode return:

p.QueryGeoNode (PXCMGesture.GeoNode.Label.LABEL_BODY_HAND_SECONDARY,out openhand);

but it failed.

I just want to know hot to use the "Openness"???



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