Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK (Archived)


Hello all,

I am trying to access the power state of my SENZ3D camera and I seem to be having some trouble.

I am attempting to do so like this:

PXCSession* session = pp.QuerySession();
   PXCPowerState* state = session->DynamicCast<PXCPowerState>();


where "pp" is a utilpipeline instance. This doesn't work, it is trying to access bad memory and crashing.

I would appreciate any help with the proper syntax for working with the powerstate.

Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge - Use SDK 1.0 for your Demo

A few Challenge participants have recently asked for more information about the Intel® RealSense™ SDK Release 1.0 (R1).

To ensure all Finalists have the same information, we wanted to let you know:

  • R1 is the definitive version of the SDK on which you should be developing your Demo App

face recognition


I am sorry to trouble you but I really need some help. Thank you very much!!

Now I want to write a program of face recognition, and I can register the face into the database. However, I need to register the same face a lot of times before my program can recognition this face. My main program is below:

while(sm->AcquireFrame(true) >= sts)
        //update the output data to the latest availible

Depth Stream is not showing


i converted depth stream into mat variable in opencv.

when i run the code it runs successfully. but nothing is shown in the screen. and after few second the screen become black.

I am not able to figure out what mistake i am doing.

below is the code :

int wmain(int argc, WCHAR* argv[]) 
    //Create the IplImage headers
    IplImage* depthimg = cvCreateImageHeader(cvSize(320, 240), 16, 1);

Knowing about Intel Real sense

Hi all,

       I start working for intel real sense applications by using unity3d software. I am new to work for this . Really i dont have any idea about this , i want to all the stuff for this. And more over can i do my activity without sensor device.But i have web cam in my device. Please help me.

Thanks in advance....

Updated drivers for Senz3D camera?

I still have my Senz3D camera from the PercSDK contest a year ago.  Are there any updated drives for it for Windows?  It's a nice camera and I'd like to use it more, but I lot of the software I run can't recognizer and with those that do, the streaming is choppy with periodic 1/2 second areas in the stream where all frames are dropped.

Face Recognition


I want to write a program of face recognition. When I want to export the recognition database, I need to retrieve an instance of the interface PXCFaceData::RecognitionModuleData. And  the tutorials(sdkmanuals.pdf) shows that I should use the QueryRecognition() function to retieve an instance of this interface.

However, when I click on this function, It tells me that it belongs to the interface PXCFaceData::Face and will retrieve an instane of interface PXCFaceData::RecognitionData, not the instance of PXCFaceData::RecognitionModuleData.

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