OpenCL™ Code Analyzer in Intel® INDE Update 2

The new OpenCL™ Code Anlayzer, a feature of Intel® INDE OpenCL™ Code Builder, adds performance analysis capabilities integrated in your Microsoft Visual Studio* OpenCL development environment.

With this new feature, previously in preview, the OpenCL Code Builder now supports each state of the OpenCL code development, enables you to carry on performance optimizations in each step of the development from build, to debug, and to tuning and get the best out of Intel® Graphics Compute capabilities.

Intel provides new Integrated OpenCL development experience

OpenCL support at Intel is now going mainstream with full integration into Intel’s portfolio of software development suites. The Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications features are now integrated into various development tools under a new name of OpenCL™ Code Builder.

The different solutions are tailored to the target development environments:

Using OpenCL™ 2.0 Read-Write Images


We want to thank Javier Martinez, Kevin Patel, and Tejas Budukh for their help in reviewing this article and the associated sample.


Prior to OpenCL™ 2.0, there was no ability to read and write to an image within the same kernel. Images could always be declared as a “CL_MEM_READ_WRITE”, but once the image was passed to the kernel, it had to be either “__read_only” or “__write_only”.

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