OpenCL.lib Missing

I've recently installed everything that I thought would be necessary for developing a OpenCL application, but apparently I was wrong.  I have the necessary header files and the .dll files, but the .lib file that is required for the linking process for a C++ application is completely MIA.

This is what I downloaded (free edition) and installed as per the website

More flexibility in kernel analysis (Code Builder, local sizes)

Hi folks,

I'm facing a problem on workgroup size definitions during a session of kernel analysis, I'd like to know if it is possible to benchmark all the combinations of local work size possible.

For example, if I want to test the combinations of local sizes between 1,23,50 and 100 I put these values :

VS Memory/Watchlists window content inaccurate during debugging

Using code buiider under windows 7 and VS 2010 sp1....

If  I run a hack kernel like this...

__kernel void test_local()
    __local int s_testValue[10][10];
    __local int* rowStartThisThread = &(s_mcuValues[0][0]);

    s_mcuValues[0][0] = 5;

and set a breakpoint after the setting of the 5, then the VS memory and watchlists don't see the '5' (they only see zeros), however the rowStartThisThread  pointer does show it correctly. Am I making some bad assumptions here?


gemm sample program is black out

I tried General Matrix Multiply (GEMM) sample ( on my pc.

But, if the matrix size is more than 2048 x 2048 program stops with black out.

Black out back in a few seconds and .

I think program stops at EnqueNDRange.

According to my calculations, there is no problem on the memory size, work item size, work group size, etc...

pc specifications

Core i5-4440

memory 4GB

Windows 7 64bit

Why can I increase matrix size?

Handle many kernel arguments in OCL Kernel

Dear all,

I am developing an OpenCL kernel for particle simulation and I face a problem. I have to transfer a lot of arguments to the device (I have not counted properly, but from the original code it could be more than 20 or 30 float arrays). Could you suggest me a way to handle properly such amount of arguments without having to call clSetKernelArgument() and clEnqueueWriteBuffer() more than 20 times?.

Try OpenCL 2.0 on HD5500 iGPUs

Hi Robert, 

From the experience of using recent Intel OpenCL SDK, it shows that the OpenCL 2.0 is only support for CPU.

The OpenCL version for GPU is still 1.2.

However, by checking Khronos OpenCL products,

it seems OpenCL 2.0 now also works on the HD5500 and up iGPUs.

Just want to know whether the latest OpenCL SDK ( or OpenCL Code builder ) support OpenCL 2.0 on HD5500 and up iGPUs ?

Problems with lgamma value on HD 4000/4400

I have developed a probabilistic sampling program that made use of the "lgamma" function in OpenCL. The program runs normally on most platforms, including Intel's CPU using Intel's OpenCL driver. However, on the integrated HD 4000 and HD 4400, the program fails to produce the correct values. After a little debugging, I've identified that the value of the "lgamma" function is computed incorrectly when the OpenCL program is run on HD 4000/4400. The problem exists under Windows 7, 8, and 10 (preview), using the latest graphics driver (ver. 4098, dated 1/19/2015).

offline/online opencl compilation difference

Dear Community Members!

I have a program, which makes some calculations with the help of the opencl kernel, which runs on the cpu. I also make these calculations  without opencl and check for errors.


The problem is that I get errors from time to time, when I use online compilation of opencl kernel. I don't get errors, when I use offline compilation. 

Could anyone, please, help me and explain, why it happens?

You can find files here:



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