Help! While using Kernel Builder for OpenCL API to debug, it shows CPU version are not supported by KDB...

As the image shows below, I've set the input arrayA, B and the output arrayC, then click the debug button, and Error occur.

Since I am new in OpenCL, I don't know how to solve this problem, so is there anyone who can help me? Thanks a lot!


Why I can see 2 platforms?


My computer has only 1 CPU. It has 4 cores (8 threads). But when I use   err = clGetPlatformIDs(0, NULL, &numPlatforms);, I get 2 platforms.

One platform contains 1 CPU and 1 GPU, the other one contains 1 CPU. The 2 CPU are the same CPU.

I don't know why.


The platform number :  2
        PlatformId=0 deviceNums=2 vedor:Intel(R) Corporation
        PlatformId=1 deviceNums=1 vedor:Intel(R) Corporation

Problem with MACROS added with clBuildProgram

Hi to everyone,

I have a problem with the SDK plugin for Visual Studio 2010. In my kernel I add several MACROS using the -D flag inside the options argument of the clBuildProgram function. However, this is not recognized by the Intel OpenCL SDK plugin, therefore it throws several "use of undeclared identifier" errors and I am not able to run my program.

Getting Started with OpenCL™ Code Builder

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  • OpenCL tools: kernel compilation stats and crashes

    Hi, I'm new to Intel Iris graphics 5100 and Intel tool set, if my question is duplicated, please point me to original ones ;-)

    Q1, how to generate kernel statistics? Code-Builder exposes II and ASM, but I haven't found stats, such as # of full ALU/half ALU, Nops, global/local st, etc. This would be helpful in my kernel tuning. I would assume Intel exposes it, since the ASM are exposed. 

    Does Intel HD Graphics 5300 support OpenCL2.0 Fine-grained SVM?

    I have Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 tablet with Intel Core M (Intel HD Graphics 5300). I have installed OpenCL SDK 2014 Release 2.

    When I run the sample code intel_ocl_svmbasic\SVMBasicFineGrained from

    It shows my Graphics 5300 doesn't support fine-grained SVM. From the reference manual, it says it do support. Anything wrong?

    Different printf() behavior between CPU and GPU?

    I have a very simple kernel with printf statement like:

    printf("id: %d\n", id);

    I am using the latest Intel SDK, on a 64-bit Windows system.

    When I run the kernel on the CPU, the "\n" results in a single 0x0A byte at the end of the printed string.

    When I run the kernel on GPU (Intel as well), the "\n" results in the two bytes 0x0A 0x0D.

    Is this the expected behavior? Is there any way to make both devices produce the same output?

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