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Win7 validation failed (Does Internet connection exist?)

Hello! I have the following problem: validation in XP is OK, but in Win7 failed. According to attached screenshot it seems like Win7 computer has no Internet connection, or the connection is through a proxy. So, I'd like to know if the computer, which is used for validation, has Internet connection. And if the connection exists, whether is it direct or through the proxy?. Thanks, Eugeny

Error AVL02

Hi, I recive this message from intel "App contains Italian Meta but is marked as a primary US English app. Please change the primary locale/language and then resubmit for meta validation." but how can i change the priority language? When you go to the "Application Info" you can choose the Languages but it's only listed English-French how can i set Italian? Thanks for helping me Regards Andrea

Authorization Failed in XP but Success in Win 7

Hi , Our Free RSS App iRead Has been rejected because of Authorization Failed in XP. The Same App passed the validation in Win 7.. The App uses Google desktop API and requires the user ti install Google desktop to work correctly. The Suggestion Given by the Validation team is to Check the GUID for Authorization failure.. We are wondering how come it passed the Win 7 but failed only in XP with the same GUID? Any suggestions on this error? Pixeldruids

Application not launching from IntelAppUp

Hello, I got my application rejected cause it was not running from intel app up client. I have checked the links to make sure every thing is correct : I have also checked executing my application from different location using command prompt. It is working fine in all the cases. Is there any thing that I am missing due to which I am getting the rejection.?

Web-application fail:UIX02 - User interface consistency

Hello Team, In the link, under "Contact Us" tab, there are 2 e-mail addressess which are synchronised with Microsoft Outlook. Similarly, for the tab "New User Contact Us" on e-mail address is in sync with outlook. The sync works precisely from the URL. However, when I used this URL and generated a .MSI file for the web application, it ain't working and the application was rejected. It is the WebApp Generator which creates the .MSI package and what could I do to keep this sync active in the web application?

Rejected because a link on my website

Hi! Today my app was rejected and on of the reasons was INC03 - In application advertisement. App contains about box with a link to my own web site. On this site i have a fee app for Windows. And that was a reason of my MeeGo app was rejected. I think this is a strange. This is my app and i could place links to my own web site. Right? Or i should make my apps unbranded and hide any info about developer? Another question about UI. Second reason was UIX02 - User interface consistency: The application contains no way for the user to exit
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