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MeeGo OpenGL ES 2: Performance and quality

Here I am sharing my experience with openGL ES 2 on MeeGo 1.2 (hardware with CPU: ATOM N450/N455): 1. It is slow. The same machine can render much higher triangles on Windows (with DX8/DX9). 2. Vertex count matters a lot. It is not triangle count but vertex count that matters most. I guess this is due to hardware pixel shader and software vertex shader. The vertex shader processing is very slow. 3. Performance degrades a lot when mesh is stored in RAM instead of OpenGL Buffer Object. The openGL ES example available stores geometry in RAM which is not a fast way.

Application hang when playing audio

Hi all, We encounter a strange problem: when playing the audio, occasionally it fails and the application hangs. Does anyone have the same problem and have any clue? The application load a qml file from qrc and display it. In the qml file, we create an audio element: Audio { id: audioIncorrect source: "file:///opt/" } And there is a button in the qml, when click the button, we do: audioIncorrect.stop();;

GPS, Audio, and others experience with MeeGo SDK for Tablet on Linux

Ok, I'll try to be as precisely as possible so we can help each other out. So I've decided to install MeeGo SDK 1.2 for Linux on my Ubuntu 10.04. As pointed on intel appup website I downloaded "meego-sdk-installer-online-20110519" and installed with no problems.

How to find my MeeGo program on Intel AppUp site?

Hello all! Four months ago I added my MeeGo-program "MyTetra" on This program has the status Published: But for me, remains a mystery, how to find this program on the website Intel AppUp? I tried to look for a page with the program at: But never found my program. At the same time 36 people somehow managed to download this program. How they got it? Where is the page with my program?

Problems with packaging Meego Apps under Windows

I'm new to meego application development. I developed Meego app under Windows XP with Meego SDK 1.2. Now I want to packaging my program into .rpm. I've notice that when I successfully build, I will got an .rpm file under the source directory, but I cannot use it for installing. Do I do something wrong or do I need to use other way for packaging meego application? I'd appreciate very much for your help. Thank u!!!

Build error for simple application when application is created with QT

Followed instructions on the following page and created simple application and built it. Did not change or add single line of code in any files generated by QT project. Built the application I see following erros. Running build steps for project Sample_test... Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step. Starting: "C:\meegosdk_1.2\madde\bin\make.exe" -w make: Entering directory `/c/MeeGoSDK_1.2/QtCreator/bin/Sample_test'

Power Management and MeeGo Tablet Apps

Power management is an area of interest by device manufactures as they consider how to ensure the best experience on mobile devices.  Because of this manufacturers want to know what apps in the store are "background" apps and require continual use without being throttled.  With this we've added a guide to assist developers on designating their apps as a background apps.


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