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Problem while playing Audio on Tablet

Hi All, I am facing below problems while playing audio- Here is my development environment - Meego SDK - 1.2 Windows XP Tablet - EXOPC - OS - Meego 1.1.90 My Problems- 2. I am trying to play audio on device by QML code. I dont have QtMobility installed on PC. I icluded following lines to .pro file. CONFIG += mobility MOBILITY = multimedia and I imported QTMultimediakit 1.1 inside my QML file. When I try to run it on Desktop, I am getting an error -"QtMultimediakit 1.1 " is not installed.

Testing MeeGo Apps In the MeeGo AppUp Store using the Beta Feature

I am at the point now where I am testing my MeeGo applications through the AppUp experience, which of course means using the cool beta feature which allows your apps to be tested with their final release GUID codes in place as though it was live on the store. Unfortunately, even though I can see my uploaded app, complete with icon and description, when I attempt to download the app it stays at 0% for about three minutes then produces the Error Code -8 (the application download failed).

MeeGo Versions

Hi, I am about to start flashing my ExoPC MeeGo Tablet. Can anyone tell me the differences between the two latest releases or which one I should do with? One is and one is 1.2.80. The specific versions are: meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail- and meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail- Thanks, Craig.

Is there an issue with appdeveloper website?

Hello Team, I have uploaded the .RPM file from encapsulator, downloaded for Netbooks. Every time I click on "Submit for Validation", the page says "Done" and is blank. Then I have to close the page. When I re-login, it is not submitted. I have tried this 8 times and same result. Is there an issue with the website?

Hang during MeeGo installation at "hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command TX timeout"

Also in BUILD IMAGE: meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail- HARDWARE MODEL: ExoPC Pinetrail tablet EXOPG06411 BUG DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS =========================================================== The OS appears to hang during installation and does not progress past hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command TX timeout. EXACT STEPS LEADING TO PROBLEM: =========================================================== 1. Download OS from:
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